Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tracht Gut Vet Zein Gut

"We can complain that rose bushes have thorns
or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses."
There are ways to change the way you are accustomed to thinking.
But you have to do the work.
Let's get going.
First things first.

So simple
Practice by looking in the mirror.
Take a picture of yourself smiling and not smiling
Which you do YOU like better?
Get these words in to your head
Chant them all through the day.  
Pretty soon they will become you.
Happy happy happy happy!
Get those earplugs in and dance in your room for a full 5 minutes.
5 minute could change the next 24 hours.
That I guarantee is the one that works the quickest and the best.

In Tanya the Alter Rebbe speaks of the great importance of Tzedakah.
A Sefer designed to improve OURSELVES
So why is GIVING to someone else part of the work?
Because it helps YOU
more than the other person.
So give.
A hug
a smile
a kind word.
Your heart will fill up when you see what you can do for someone else...

Sometimes we are surrounded by negative people
They might be related to us
or we may be working with them.
But we are not surrounded by them all the time.
So when you have the opportunity to choose
let positive people be your only choice.

And most importantly...

for the choices YOU make with the circumstances given to you.
I've heard the excuse
'I had no choice'
too many times.
How do people convince themselves of this idiotic crippling thought?
Because it gives them a way out.
Changing your thought process is not impossible.
It takes time.
Start with small steps.
Cultivate new habits.
Make the life-long commitment
to look inside yourself
and be willing to change.
Do you know what I love about working on my inner self?
Acknowledging to myself that I am still young enough to make changes.
As long as I am working on myself
I will never grow old...

I am by no means an artist
but I make art.
You may not be Ms. Happy
but you could make happy!