Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Took 54 years to truly enjoy...

“In truth a family is what you make it. 
It is made strong, not by number of heads counted at the dinner table, 
but by the rituals you help family members create, 
by the memories you share, 
by the commitment of time, 
love you show to one another, 
by the hopes for the future you have as individuals and as a unit.”
Marge Kennedy

So it took me 54 years to truly enjoy Pesach.
And it was worth the wait.
Do you want to know what ENJOY means?
Having all my children under one roof
fast asleep...
Walking towards the kitchen in the morning
as I turn the corner
little humans will be running towards me
as the wrap their little arms
around my legs.
Listening from the other room
to the bursts of laughter
coming from my children
loving each other through teasing
as only a family has permission to do.
Knowing all the while
they are building bonds
stronger than steel
never to be broken.
Gathering together
twice a day
for a delicious meal
and accepting authentic praise
for making yummy food
out of 5 ingredients
for 7 days.
Sharing private minutes with each of my children
reconnecting through hugs and kisses
and hearing
who they are
who they've become
and who I am becoming
through their process.
Because at the end of the day
my children is the sum of all my parts.
When they leave I focus back on myself.
I am left with lessons learned
from my children
(and there are many
which I will slowly share
as they become part of me).
is being in the moment.
We had 10 days of
Because at the end of the day
it's not about how much we have
it's about how much we enjoy...

.I love hand stitching on a layout about family.
It feels cozy!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

New and Improved....

Dear Sarale,
If I would have been born in this day and age
I probably would have been you.
When I am with you
I see myself.
My genes
your expression.
My strengths
your accomplishments.
My humor
your laughter.
My heart
your tears.
My commitment to family
your love for your family.
My candor
your honesty.
My perseverance
your spunk.
In my eyes
you are the new and improved version of me.
Each day to me is a fresh start to try again.
You are a constant work in progress.
Every day is a welcome experience for a new challenge.
To take a lesson from.
In order to become a better person.
To delight in.
To explore.
That's you.
That's me.
Love you alot....

"As long as you could find yourself, you'll never starve" - Suzanne Collins

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Does social media make me relevant?

Each time I learn something new in the social media arena
I feel relevant.
I'm not gonna lie
I have this fear of being left behind.
I want my children and grandchildren to keep me in the loop.
How can I possibly do that without whatsapp?
or instagram?
What if they're discussing google glass and I bring them a bottle of water!?
I'm pretty sure they will have a great laugh
at my expense!
This month was my Birthday
my amazing kids gifted me with
an IPhone.
I've been lusting for it
but was afraid to commit.
Now I'm a happy Mama
sending silly snapchats
and chatting about apps
in a casual grown-up way.
I have to admit
I even feel more confident with it.
I mean,
now I will never be lost (google maps)
be hungry (google kosher restaraunts closest to where you are)
forget to Daven (app for siddur)
have an excuse not to say Chitas (yep you can download that too)
keep up with breaking news (collive)
deposit my check with a click of the camera (awesome!)
listen to music
you get the idea....
Makes you a more complete person.
I think.
Or does it?
As I've posted before here
I have a drawer full of pictures.
I randomly choose one
when the mood strikes me.
I picked up this photo and stared closely at it.
Suddenly I realized something.
I had a powerful 'aha' moment.
What makes us relevant as parents is LOVE.
I see a young mother,
full of hope
loving her children
dressed beautifully
posing for the camera
wanting to save the feeling of pride
in herself and in her children,
for posterity.
I am just like her
She was just like me.
My grandmother and I are exactly the same.
Without all the fancy gadgets.
All we want
is to give love
to receive love
and to look fabulous while we do it!
75 years have passed since that picture was taken,
but I can almost hear the sounds of the birds in the backround,
smell the spray starch on the children's linen dresses,
feel the softness of the cotton beret,
that undoubtedly my grandmother lovingly crocheted,
as my mother rested her cheek against her mother.
I look closer and I see
gratitude and
on my grandmothers face.
Like all us mothers,
Relevance is being a loving person.
My grandmother was relevant.

It took me time to put this layout together.
I wanted to do the picture justice.
I think I did...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I love noise, I love silence...

“To make the right choices in life, 
you have to get in touch with your soul. 
To do this, 
you need to experience solitude, 
which most people are afraid of, 
because in the silence you hear the truth and know the solutions.” 
― Deepak Chopra

A wonderful insight....

I love noise.
I love silence.
In noise I get to connect with others.
In silence I get to connect with myself.
Knitting is the way I use silence to be productive.
I need to create while I meditate.
When I knit and it's noisy
it feels like I'm swimming against the current.
Knitting has always been something I've enjoyed.
Been doing it since I'm a little girl.
I remember as a teenager
knitting through the night
in my room
listening to music.
There's nothing that brings me back
as when I knit and listen to oldies...
I'm working on preparing different knitting projects.
I need to have one or two going at any given time.
Lucky for me I met a friend who is a knitting genius.
She worked in knitting all her life and creates patterns.
Knowing her inspires me to step out of my comfort zone.
There is so much to learn.
If I could exist without sleep
I would knit through the nights.
The only downside is...

Here is a sneak peek of one I'm working on.
First one is my favorite pattern - chevron.
I love knitting or crocheting chevron.
When I am done
this will be a gorgeous
10's of hours worth
of love
(crocheting is slower than knitting sometimes)
Here is the first panel.

So that's it for now.
While I keep busy with my new IPhone,
Words With Friends, (facebook game)
and working,
I will continue to contemplate life
and learn something new every day.