Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Does social media make me relevant?

Each time I learn something new in the social media arena
I feel relevant.
I'm not gonna lie
I have this fear of being left behind.
I want my children and grandchildren to keep me in the loop.
How can I possibly do that without whatsapp?
or instagram?
What if they're discussing google glass and I bring them a bottle of water!?
I'm pretty sure they will have a great laugh
at my expense!
This month was my Birthday
my amazing kids gifted me with
an IPhone.
I've been lusting for it
but was afraid to commit.
Now I'm a happy Mama
sending silly snapchats
and chatting about apps
in a casual grown-up way.
I have to admit
I even feel more confident with it.
I mean,
now I will never be lost (google maps)
be hungry (google kosher restaraunts closest to where you are)
forget to Daven (app for siddur)
have an excuse not to say Chitas (yep you can download that too)
keep up with breaking news (collive)
deposit my check with a click of the camera (awesome!)
listen to music
you get the idea....
Makes you a more complete person.
I think.
Or does it?
As I've posted before here
I have a drawer full of pictures.
I randomly choose one
when the mood strikes me.
I picked up this photo and stared closely at it.
Suddenly I realized something.
I had a powerful 'aha' moment.
What makes us relevant as parents is LOVE.
I see a young mother,
full of hope
loving her children
dressed beautifully
posing for the camera
wanting to save the feeling of pride
in herself and in her children,
for posterity.
I am just like her
She was just like me.
My grandmother and I are exactly the same.
Without all the fancy gadgets.
All we want
is to give love
to receive love
and to look fabulous while we do it!
75 years have passed since that picture was taken,
but I can almost hear the sounds of the birds in the backround,
smell the spray starch on the children's linen dresses,
feel the softness of the cotton beret,
that undoubtedly my grandmother lovingly crocheted,
as my mother rested her cheek against her mother.
I look closer and I see
gratitude and
on my grandmothers face.
Like all us mothers,
Relevance is being a loving person.
My grandmother was relevant.

It took me time to put this layout together.
I wanted to do the picture justice.
I think I did...


Rochelle said...

Ma, this layout is OUT OF THIS WORLD and what makes it even more special is you're unbelievable way with words and insight into life and all things important. So lucky to have you as my mother!

YRR said...

haven't been on here in a while... just looked at the last couple of posts! wow! keep it up and happy birthday enjoy your presents!

karen said...

It's beautiful- and your grandmother's charm comes through! Did she live in America, Israel, Europe, or elsewhere?

Chanalesings said...

who are u and what did u do with my mother???