Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Making headbands is another fun way to dress up little girls.
When my girls were little I started making headbands.
Then I had grandchildren and made some more headbands.

Of course I scrapbooked one of the pictures

These are my now two teenage daughters modelling the floral headbands I was creating by the dozens in early 2000.
I saved these for years and a couple lasted well enough for my granddaughters to wear.
Little girls and flowers go together so perfectly.
When floral headbands came back in 2009 I was quite proud of myself that I had been so ahead of the times.


2011 - TODAY!
I wish I could tell you my girls loved wearing them but they were much more into sleek ponytails then my headband extravagazas.
After a lot of convincing i finally got my girls to wear them.
Just for a while, anyway.
I made sure to take pictures.
For scrapbooking of course..

And then there were the knitted headbands.
Anthropologie was all over that fad last year but I took it to another level knitting dozens of styles and colors some with matching scarflets.
Here I made a headband with a matching neckband for an infant. Warm and cozy!
I actually sold quite a few.

When you put an adoreable little girl and an adoreable headband together this is what you get.
As long as I have a creative outlet I am a happy girl.
Yarn. Paper. Flowers. Buttons.
Keeps me going for days and days.....
Most of the time somebody has to remind me to STOP!