Thursday, October 6, 2011

Knit one Pearl one.....

If any of you like to knit, this is the yarn for you.
I am making three vests for the cutest boys ever.
Here's how they look in progress.
Looks hard right? 
Easy as one line knit one line pearl.
Also known as 'stockinette' stitch.
Called 'self striping' yarn.
Used mostly to make socks.
So smooth to knot with you might never stop.
And best of all - not expensive.
Just looks it!
Looks like I'm using different color yarns right,,,
That's why it's called self striping.
Works like magic.
And here are the boys.
Can you imagine how cute they will make the vests look?
I will definitely be scrapping that picture.


FoFo said...

Very nice! I like the look of that yarn, may have to hunt me up some.

YRR said...

Used to do knitting but haven't in ages!!!! This yarn makes me feel all wintery!!!