Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lesson Number One....

The most valuable lesson to learn when you are a beginner scrapbooker is ....
Its like shoplifting but it's not against the law.
Actually it's very much encouraged.
Not many people can be totally creative without inspiration.
Scrapbooking is about more than one thing.
It's documenting.
It's creating.
It's preserving .
It's whatever fills your need.
So therefore the first and most important thing is to JUST DO IT!
Last year I was asked by this magazine if they could publish one of my layouts.

This is what they wrote:
Here's a perfect example of creating "outside the box". The patterned paper featured here is actually from a Jewish holiday collection, but as you can see, adding a little of this and a little of that makes for a very happy springtime layout. How sweet is that?

This paper is from the Rosh Hashana collection (hence SWEET) for Crafting Jewish Style.
The creater of these awesome collections asked me to design layouts.
The magazine gives specific instructions how to make this layout.
Did I say "you can do it" yet?
Here's a layout that I scraplifted from this book a few years ago.

I loooove how it came out.

As you can see I changed the words.
But all the same the message is clear.
And now I have it forever documented.
See how easy that is?
You should be convinced by now that you can do this.
That you want to do this.
That you will do this.
Start with this layout too.
Purchase exactly what you need.
If you have any questions E-mail me.
I will show you one more example of a scraplift.
This is from my very favorite Elsie.
A few years ago she put out this book.

She inspires me to be free with my creativity in a fun and colorful way!
Heres the original.

And if you read my blog from the beginning you will remember this one.

I changed it up but you get the idea.
So now that I am starting to trust you with my secrets the least you could do is start scrapbooking.
If you will check in with me I will show you more at a later date.
Just to keep you interested.


Rachel said...

Faygie, you're the best! Everybody should be scraplifting from you!
We'll be posting/linking this one!

Faygy said...

I love the idea of scrap lifting, I will definitely try this out.
I really like the way you use all the buttons they give the page a really nice touch!!!

YRR said...

i love all these pages they are sooo adorable!!! the button page is my favourite i think!! they really liven up the page so much!
btw i used your ribbons idea for some of my work for a course i am doing and it came out really nice
thanx soo much!

RF Photography Client Slideshows said...

So awesome!

chanalesings said...

great post, but you should be working on my sweaters!!

Natalie Turetsky said...

Scraplifting while changing it up shows creativity! I scraplifted to the last detail...that's my problem. I need to be more creative like you. Love all of these layouts. I think I may just start scrapping again soon. How word verification to publish this post is "excus" as in THERE IS NO EXCUSE!

Pamela said...

Fabulous work!! :)

Faygie Fellig said...

i'm telling you all my secrets. just to get you guys motivated!