Sunday, October 2, 2011

My heart is full my house is empty...

     I Like this quote I dislike this quote"A child enters your home and makes so much noise for twenty years that you can hardly stand it: then departs leaving the house so silent that you think you will go mad"
 John Andrew Holmes quotes

Having all my children home for Yom Tov is a dream come true for me.
Living here in Miami while most of them live in NY is hard.
I miss the every day interactions.
So when they are home for Yom Tov I almost get a head ache.
Not from the noise.
From the dread of them leaving.
i miss you already...

Enlarged a picture in Kinkos.
Framed the picture with a colored paper to give it depth.
Adding a flower brings your eye toward that cute face!
Notice how the backround paper says words like 'bloom' 'nurture' 'sharing' 'life is about love'
That is what motherhood is all about.


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schap said...

love the post!

Mom said...

Faygie I'm checking in with you. The whole thing is truly awesome.

Faygie Fellig said...

I looove that you guys are commenting.

Henya said...

I love your poster! What a beutiful idea! I think I might make one for me. I too can not believe that I gave birth to 7 children. Of course 6 of mine live at home, so I do not miss the noise at all.