Wednesday, November 2, 2011

There is so much talent out there....

"Can you imagine what i would do if i could do all i can." sun tzu

So I'm driving down the street and when I drive I'm always looking out of the corner of my eye.
Just in case there's soemthing interesting to see.
I don't want to miss it.
Well this time I did a double take.
I see a picture of Marilyn Monroe.

Its not HER that I am interested in.
It was the texture that I noticed (out of the corner of my eye).
(I know some of you are thinking 'how does she drive if she's not looking straight ahead'
but thats for another post!)
So I make a u-turn. jump out of the car and see that this picture was made with spools of thread hung on chains.
I know - crazy!

How do people think of these things?
If I had a sewing/knitting/art shop I would definitely buy this piece of art.

Looks strange from close but the further from it you get the more beautiful it looks.
Kind of a little like LIFE.
When you stand to close to something sometimes you can't see the real beauty of it.
Faygie's advice: take a step back and see how all the little details of life add up to one magnificent picutre.


Faygy said...

Wow that picture is so cool. And your advice is so true! Everyone should learn from you!

YRR said...

that is the coolest thing! it is almost like a mosaic! it really gets your imagination going!