Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Get a hobby. You'll live longer.

My hobbies keep me sane.
I cannot remeber a day when I wasn't looking to create something.
As a very young child I have memories of knitting clothes for my barbie doll.
My mother beamed at me with pride.
(I just wish she would have kept what I made, but times were different then)
I also recall watching my mother embroider Challah covers.
I was fascinated that she could make such perfect stitches so quickly.
And the clothes she occasionally made for us.

my mother made the outfits in this picture.

How did she do it?
The house was spotless.
Not to mention how well she cooked and baked.
Without a housekeeper.
Living in Crown Heights.
With my father!

here you can see the outfit better.

I guess she figured one thing out early on.
Hobbies brings relaxation, quiet and peace of mind.
As I get older I see the value in cultivating a hobby more than ever.
There are those that feel that spending lots of time doing your hobby, whatever that may be, is a waste of time.
Oh, those poor people!
How it improves the quality of life.
It fosters positive emotions and gives you a great sense of achievement.
Need I say more?
But I will!
When your brain is engaged in a hobby you will feel good.
And when you feel good ooooh baby!
Everyone around you feels good.
I think that counts for a whole lot.
So let's review.
For the young a hobby boosts self esteem.
Fot the middle aged a hobby is a powerfull destresser.
And for the elderly a hobby can be a wonderful and satisfying way to keep busy.
So I am planning to continue with my hobbies for as long as Hashem blesses me with capabilities and health.

This week I felt like doing a little embroidery.
Brings back those warm memories of my mother.
Makes me feel conected to the generation before me.
Several years ago I bought a Challah cover just to get started.
It wasn't as beauitful as the one my mother has, but it is a good start.
So now I'm in the mood of finishing it up.

If I don't look too close I feel pretty satisfied.
What I love about Scrapbooking is that you can incorporate anything you want on your layout.
Whenever I am doing any sort of needlework, someone will say to me "but it takes soooo long".
Duh! That's the point.
You want to spend as much time  possible, enjoying the process and making it your own.
Otherwise you could use a machine.
And what fun is that?

Torn pieces of colored cardstock.
Hand stitching.
Yes it took forever.
Loved every long minute of it.
This week I was in stitching mood.
A sharpie mood.
And a felt mood.
I am not a perfectionist at all.
That's why I am very fond of freestyle.
You don't have to follow any rules.
You make up your own!
And who's to say what perfect is?
Because even if it's not perfect, you still had pleasure doing it.
And THAT is perfect.

So here's what I say:
There is a report that came out of the Mayo clinic that having a hobby delays memory loss.
(Now you know why I craft all the time. I could use all the help I could get)
It's not very likely that I will ever get rich from any of my hobbies.
But enjoyment is often more important than achievement.
And the richest are rarely the happiest.


princessf said...

i wish i could embroider, when i have time I'll try it. the scrapbook page of Ur grandchildren is adorable i couldn't stop laughing!

Keshet said...

This is beautiful, Faygie!

Debbie said...

You are doing great with the embroidery, Faygie. I love a post with so many photos and yours are so creative! Studies have shown that having stashes for any crafting pursuits is cheaper than a therapist... :)

Faygie Fellig said...

thanx so much. coming from an expert! every time i spend money on my craft i say it's still cheaper than therapy.

CS said...

This is so nice! Love the picture of all of you , my mother etc.. when you were younger. A hobby sounds like a great idea if only I had your talent :)

Goldie said...

Adorable scrapbook pages! My favorite is the one of "kids say the darnest things"!

Rochelle said...

I learn something new from you EVERY DAY. I love your hobbies...you're full of life...! Love you

Anonymous said...

You have so many awe inspiring talents! Go you!

Debbie Smith said...

Hi Faygie! I loved this post on hobbies. I can relate to everything you've said. I LOVE that you embroidered on your LO. And doodling. Just love those little touches. Hugs xox

Fashion-isha said...

You're so creative! I love all your sharing and everything you said was so true!!

Dani Cristina said...

Eu adorei descobrir isso é muito lindo!
Amei o que você faz.