Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm starting for Pesach. Are you?

If there is one sentence that strikes fear in any Jewish balabuste's heart, it's
"Have you started to clean for pesach yet?".
My mind goes blank.
My hands feel cold.
My heart stops for a minute.
It's only natural to react this way.
I close my eyes.
Trying to visualize something peaceful and serene.
Doesn't work.
But I am  not ready to get the ball rolling  yet.
The earlier I start, the longer it lasts.
Like pregnancy.
If you don't talk about it for the first few months it doesn't seem so long an endurance!
So I do what I do best.
Distract myself.
With my papers, paint glue and scissors.

I had this lightbulb idea.
I will start to prepare for Pesach.
But in a different way.
How about I make souveneirs this year for any guests that come for Pesach?
That sounds like something I could start doing early.
So I take out my stuff and go to work play.
It takes a little more than a couple of hours of going back and forth to come up with this.
Vases for everyone!
On the house!
Decorated by MOI!
This is the first of a bunch more I will be making.
The one who helps the most on Pesach gets first pick.
Just in case one is prettier than the other, that would be worth something.
But then again, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
What do you guys think?
Do you like it?
I think I do.
I say 'I think' because I'm never quite sure.

I wrote "Life is full of beauty. Pay attention. You don't want to miss it."
             "Why live in black and white when you can live in color?"

I have different shapes and sizes of glass vases.
I'm excited to see how they will turn out.
The poppy flower was an inspiration from one of my favorite girls.
She makes me want to create all day...
So as all of you are beginning to prepare for Pesach, So am I.
Just in a different way!

More to come...


Chanalesings said...


Chaya said...

Love it!

Rochelle said...

I will take one of your amazing vases over a couple of pounds ANY DAY.

pinkalicious said...

That is amazing! I love that! I can't wait to have that in my apartment filled with flowers!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You are so creative!

Anonymous said...

And that's me your cousin Faygie :)

YRR said...

Wow so interesting and original, really cute idea. Did you decoupage it? It has such a cool effect!!!

Mom said...

Faygie, so nice of you to invite me and my 15 family members! Is that for the seder or chol ha'moed? Keep in touch! You're such a dear!

Fashion-isha said...

Oh you are amazing! This post made me smile. Because when I read your title those exact things happened to me like you said, my heart stopped and my hands got cold. But then I read on, and I chuckled. You're just like me. I will do it when it's time and I do not have to get caught up in the ocd frenzy of all the people circling around me. And maybe maybe maybe I'll come to Miami for Pesach (there's still a glimmer of hope...) and then we HAVE to meet!

Nechama said...

It's a like a scrap-booked page wrapped around my absolutely FAVORITE flowers!

Simply Stunning

Chan said...


Keshet said...

Oh no you didn't--Pesach is still months away, right??