Sunday, April 15, 2012

Welcome Spring into your life.

I learned something this Pesach once again.
Something I already know.
I am so lucky to have my grandchildren with me.
They remind me how to be happy.
I always love ways to express happiness.
With words.
With food.
With crafts.
Especially with children.
Their smiles are pure.
Their joy simple and as authentic as anything could be.
What do we learn from these innocent little people?

  • they live in the present
  • they have no concerns about money, productivity, or being cool
  • there are no limits to their imagination, except what they’ve been exposed to
  • they play and lose themselves in play
  • they create with abandon
  • they are endlessly curious, and ask questions … without end
  • they love showing off to their parents
  • Which brings me to my post.
    I borrowed this one today.
    It represents exactly what I want to express to you all.
    And I want to share this wonderful lady's blog with you anyway.
    She always finds the perfect way to create wonderful happy things with her children.

    THIS BLOG will show you exactly how to make these.
    How can you resist?
    What a great way to go into Spring.
    I know I am looking forward to find new ways to create scrapbook pages that reflect everyday happiness.
    That is what keeps me motivated.
    No matter how small, squeeeeeze the joy out of it until the memory is nothing but good.
    And as you string little happy beads together, before long you find that you've created a necklace that is colorful with happy memories...
    Try it.
    It really works.
    Take a paper right now and record something wonderful.
    Put the date on it.
    You've made a memory.

    Here's one from last year.
    I think she is as cute as the lolly above.

    This is a great way to use a smaller photo.
    Make a lolly with a popsicle stick.
    Add a little bow.
    Layer the photo with a brightly colored frame.
    Print the quote and cut each word seperately.
    Use three matching sheets of paper.
    I personally love stripes and dots together.
    Add any flowers, or circles to enhance your layout.
    Make it your own.
    Pay attention to details that enhance the main picture.
    That's the lesson here.
    Pay attention.
    And make a happy memory.

    Adults are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up because they are looking for ideas.
    Paula Poundstone


    princessf said...

    she is adorable, may you have much nachas from her. and i will defiantly be trying this out. thanx for the inspiration.

    schap said...

    love the lolly!

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings said...

    Thanks for sharing my Sunshine Lollipops with your readers! I'm glad you like them.

    Henya said...

    Your projects are absolutely amazing! Beautiful and very original.

    Milady said...

    Melanie here! I absolutely loved this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog :) MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com

    Tracy said...

    Your layout is priceless.
    I agree, there is nothing as wonderful as spending a day with a child...well maybe the nap I will need afterwards, lol.

    Alfebørn said...

    You got a fantastic blog! Thank you for letting me see.
    Love all away from Denmark :)