Monday, June 4, 2012

Favorite blog Monday...

Summer has definitely begun here in Miami.
You're probably wondering how I can tell the difference.
Yes, it is always warm/hot here.
I actually love this tropical weather.
Although sometimes  I miss watching the leaves change colors.
Once in a while I wish we had seasons.
Just to be able to look forward to a sunny day.
And then I catch myself and realize that there is a deep appreciation that mostly every day is a sunny day.
I can still look forward to the morning sun streaming through my window most every single day.
I can anticipate the cooler 'winter months' with renewed energy.
I am even looking forward to the summer months where the heat makes you lazy.
When the water is warm enough to swim at any time of the day and night.

Now let's get back to the subject at hand.
Monday favorite blog choice!

Today I am choosing a favorite blog that I love for several reasons.
Stacy Cohen does the kind of scrapbooking  I envy.
A creative perfectionist.
An oxymoron in my book.
I am always envious of beautiful perfection.
She makes layouts that are stunning to look at.
She is definitely one of my favorites.
Check it out!
Let me know what you think.


Stacy Cohen said...

What a nice surprise, Faygie!! I'm honored to be chosen! I just love this layout. You really do have a way with color and design! All of your pages are so full of life.

YRR said...

Her pages are all so busy and detailed! looks like loads of hard work but really worth the effort!! they are AMAZING!!!

Heather Jacob said...

wow Faygie, this usre has a summer feel to it .. fun fun fun and so funky xoxo love it !

Fashion-isha said...

Lucky you...I know people don't like the summers in Miami but to me, the hotter the better! It's still cold here!!