Monday, August 6, 2012

Favorite Blog Monday

I started this blog as a way of recording my scrapbboking.
In the hope that I could improve and grow in technique and creativity.
This week I bring to you a wonderful scrapper.
She is creative, and what I envy most
she is able to make her ideas doable.
There is alot to learn from her
and she is more than willing to share.
That is the kind of person I like.
Because The More You Share The More You Have!
So check this out, Purple Mailbox.
If you are ready to be adventurous in your art
and you are ready to absorb and learn
THIS  is the girl for you.

here's some progress on the sweater I'm making.
I will probably always think about the Olympics when I see this sweater...

And while you're already here visiting
let me direct you to read this.
Let me know your thoughts on that. 
Just takes a little minute.
Come on!


Anonymous said...

well, my goodness!!! Blogger led me here and I am BEYOND flattered!!!! Thank you so very much!!! Also, loving your sweater :)