Friday, November 16, 2012

All you did was listen???

What I love about this girl is that she has managed to be humble and larger than life at the same time.
Just the name of her blog reflects who she is.
Simply said and difficult to do.
Try it.
Are you listening?
Tell the truth
Is your mind floating as your friend talks and talks and talks...
(it may not be that long but it seems that way to you)
Because listening is really hard to do.
And most of the time it's all we want.
To be listened to.
If only the world at large would understand that
How much bloodshed would be avoided...
I say we make RACHEL AWES president.
Maybe we would have a chance.

Rachel and I bought the same throw.
I saw it in a picture she posted.
How funny is that?!?

If you want a small piece of Rachel's listening
buy her book.
I did.
I will be practicing listening today.
so if anyone wants to talk
I'm here to listen!


pinkalicious said...

At first I thought you made that!!

Fashion-isha said...

It's so true. Listening is so important. But what people don't realize is if they really listen they will connect. And connection is what we are all seeking anyway right?

Jenny Blair said...

How much do I LOOOOVE the idea of Rachel being President :)Amazing!
I wanted to pop over and say a BIG "Thankyou" for you dear comment..thrilled me too :)x