Sunday, January 6, 2013

“Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.” ― George Bernard Shaw

Last week I was asked to do an art/craft class with the girls from Chaya Mushka Seminary in Hallandale.
Now I'm no artist.
But I love making things.
Scrap booking  is my way of  expressing my artsy side.
Lots of people know this about me.
Oftentimes someone will express that I am 'talented'.
I always tell them it's not 'talent'.
It's 'interest'.
I'm interested.
Therefore I am talented.
Which means that anyone can express themselves in an artistic fasion.
Art is subjective.
It expressive the mood, the passion, the dream, the vision
of the artist.
Is there any one way to do that?
As many people as there are on this earth
is as many different ways there are to express art.

  • I know an artist who painted a canvas black, added a white dot in the center and called it art - he sold the canvas for $35,000.00 to an idiot who thought it was an original concept. To him, that is art. To me, it's a joke!
    A graffiti artist paints his masterpiece on your garage door. To him and people that admire graffiti, he's and artist. To you, he's a vandal. That isn't art on your garage door in your mind, it's just a bunch of  paint that you now have to scrub off.

    Which brings me to my point.
    All of you could make art.
    Try it.
    It's a blast!

    I started with old sheets of music and sprayed them with ink.
    (BIG MESS)
    Them I took a blank canvas.
    covered it with torn pieces of inked paper
    lots of Mod Podge.
    used white cardstock and wrote a quote.
    The girls had the best time.

Here are the ones I made as samples.

So many ways to express oneself.
  (this message is to my kids:
   if you have a favorite quote
   let me know
   I will make it for you!!!)
If you are not my kid
Well at least try.
E-mail me with any questions you may have.
I will help you get your artistic inner self going.
I know you have it in you...


karen said...

gorgeous! how do you spray ink?

Stacy Cohen said...

I love the art projects and I love the message in your blog post!