Sunday, July 21, 2013

Out of the box. What does it really mean anyway?

The question is
do you want to be 'in the box'
'out of the box'.
The box with it's implications of
rigidity and squareness
symbolizes constrained and unimaginative thinking.
I think
the box also indicates safety.
Being sure of your boundaries.
Knowing where  borders begin and where they end.
I have no problem with what the expression tries to convey -
the importance of looking at things in a new way.
That can be what makes a person stand out in creativity.
But when did being 'in the box' become boring
and being 'out of the box' insinuate interesting?
I wouldn't say it's the only or necessary way to be unique and original.
Another direction to take is simply
being happy and in a good mood.
It broadens ones thoughts and actions
without the need to step 'out of the box'.
Oxygen to the brain stimulates your mind.
Running, dancing...
That is not so out of the box.
Feeling blaaa?
Do a few jumping jacks.
Read something funny that makes you laugh.
Really laugh.
You'll feel invigorated enough to reach inside yourself
where all your creativity is stored in the first place.
Parents - encourage uniqueness
whilst providing stability.
Be responsive to your kids needs
while challenging them to develop skills.
The more skills (knowledge) one has
the more potential there is
to translate original thinking,
from abstract to actuality.
So forget this 'out of the box' concept.
Learn as much as you can
teach as many ways as you know how
and you will see how much creativity there is in each one of us.
Speaking about that special standout kind of person
here's one original, interesting, and
(i love that word!)
little girl.
As a result of spending lots of time with adults
she says the funniest things.
She is not your 'typical' little girl.
Some would say she is "out of the box"
I say she is an original!

She always had a sparkle within her.

From the very beginning it was apparent that she was determined to be 'miss independence.'

I am thrilled that I document the memories of her development and growth.
I wouldn't want to forget a thing.
watch this first!


Grzegorz Laskowski said...

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