Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A hug from far...

There is no greater blessing than birthing a child.
When I got married I was young and naive.
I thought having children was a given.
What did I know about the world?
All I knew was my own little corner
in Crown Heights.
I had never even gone overseas until I was married.
Seems impossible now to imagine
how information needed to be accessed through sheer will
versus today
when you can plop down in front of a computer
and sit in a chair
casually drinking coffee
as you access the entire world
without burning one single calorie!
And the years speed by,
making the memories of my youth appear so simple and uncomplicated.
There is still one basic human function
which never changes.
Having children would be the one life experience
that connects us to our ancestors.
There is no 'more improved' way to experience a natural miracle.
We all are one, united in that moment
when Hashem grants us the gift of life.
Allowing us to feel a tiny moment of creation in it's essence.
How grateful I am for this awesomeness in my life.
Having children
and watching my children have children.
It leaves me trembling with gratitude.
Nothing compares...
I don't live near all my grandchildren so I don't get to hug and kiss them as much as I would like.
What I do instead is KNIT.
Each stitch represents a little kiss I string together
to create something they can wrap around themselves
as a substitute for a hug.
When my grandson was born I made a soft yummy blanket.

A hug from Bubby.
I love this pattern.
Now he is  a year older and needs a much bigger hug.

Now here's a lot of huggin!
I hope I can keep making hugs for many years 
for as many miracles as Hashem will grant me.


pinkalicious said...

🙌 your everything. That was so beautifully written and your blanket is a masterpiece!

esty lipskier said...

I'm in awe! Love your writings and your artwork! Your einelach are so lucky to have you as their bubby!

Mom said...

Beyond description. Just beyond!

karen said...

What a beautiful post! What beautiful blankets for those precious, yummy kids! Wishing you nachas always.