Monday, September 12, 2011

As Cute As A Button

Hi. My name is Faygie Fellig.
This is my story.
And I'm sticking to it.
Most people I know go to thrift shops for a good find in clothing or such.
I go to find buttons.
I am in love with buttons.
All colors. All sizes.
Just go to your grandmas house and bring me all her old buttons.
ESPECIALLY if she was a seamstress.
That would be a gold mine for me right there.

Meanwhile this is my collection so far.
I want to organize them tonite so I know how many of each color I have.
I'm guessing black will be the winner with white coming in as a close second.
One of my favorite uses of buttons is in scrapbooking.
My daughter while inspecting this page noticed how every button is handsewn onto the page.
I didn't say using buttons is always the simplest option but c'mon, how appropriate is the mother-of pearl button for this page about my mother-in-law?
(Faygie's Advice: Mother-in-laws deserve your time and patience. They may be complicated and "push your buttons" but if you put in the effort you will develop a more beautiful relationship down the road.)

To make the tree I used a printed tissue (from anthropologie) painted some modge podge on the paper , then added a few red buttons to match the girls lipsick.
Same for the tree, except I painted the trunk brown , 
I think this simple layout is totally fabulous.
Mostly because of the buttons.
Faigy's Advice: Don't be in such a rush to grow up. Red lipstick doesn't look that perfect on old wrinkly lips.

This layout is simple but the smattering of pastel buttons add both a softness and adorability factor that perfectly suits my grandaughter who as you can see is as cute as a button.

I had all these little  tiny pictures from my daughter's Bas Mitzvah party.
AND I wanted to try my new water color pencils.
The buttons give the layout boundaries and that's good 'cuz when you're twelve, boundaries are all the rage!

When I started scrapbooking, my kids were interested all over again in their discarded pictures that had been laying in drawers around the house for years.
Ma, I love that picture, they'd proclaim.
The scrapbooking really drew attention to their pictures in a fresh and exciting way.
Here, I have a tiny picture from the Bas Mitzvah party of my daughter holding her neice.
The frame around the picture really helps you focus on the photo.
A mix of brads and buttons, flowers and stripes, and some doodles for good measure, is a combination as interesting and unpredictable as my daughter is.
I really love the pleated paper too.

The possibilities are endless.
Add just a few buttons....

Or add a whole lot of them.

That's what buttons do for your layout.
Call your friends.
Your family.
Your neighbors.
Start collecting buttons.


tammy said...

i want more of being faygie felling! that was amazing! did you take a course or your self taught? i love your ideas!
Tammy (Weiss)

Mom said...

Faygie, I'm overwhelmed and speechless by your unbelievable creativity. This is truly awesome. You will see how you will change people's lives by sharing yourself with others. Best of luck always,
Sara R.

RochieO said...

Now I know what to do with all those bags of extra buttons that come attached to sweaters and jackets i buy... that picture of buttons sorted in glasses totally got me!