Monday, September 12, 2011

Knitting is clothing made in spare minutes

Knitting is relaxing and it has no age boundaries no language barriers. Anybody can learn to do it-Kathy Zimmerman
One of my passions is knitting. 
My mother showed me how to knit when I was about 8 yrs. old. 
I fell head over heals in love with this craft immediately. 
Very few memories of my childhood are as clear to me as when I showed my mother an outfit I knit for my Barbie doll. 
She was so proud of me. 
I felt great about myself. 
Till today nothing makes me feel as peaceful as knitting.
I don't remember when I learnt how to crochet but I love it just as well.
When I saw this afghan in crocheted afghans I knew I had to make it. 
It took me about 3 months of 1-3 hrs a day to finish it.
A labor of love.
My daughter, a photographer, took pictures of my grandchildren and my blanket.
One passion of mine wrapped around another.
My good friend Elizabeth taught me how to make the most lovely afghan by combining yarns of different textures and weights.
The fun part of this  project is that you could use all your leftover yarns from previous projects,
 or go to your local knitting store and go through the sale bin and just do your own color design.
Sitting in my kitchen with my afghan project.
This is my happy place.

This Layout shows my now adult daughters in their handmade sweaters.
I made these exactly 25 years ago.
My brother got married in Australia and I bought this beautiful project of sweaters for three of my daughters. It was a true work of love.


A work of love lasts forever.
september 2011