Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If I can do it so can you

A few summers ago I had a little time to myself and one afternoon I decided to paint a small mural on the wall in my kids room.
I kid you not.
It was totally impulsive.
I figured the worst that could happen is that I'll just paint right over it.
Anyway the girls were in summer camp and I had freedom.
So i did it.
Everybody loved it.
So then I painted the desk.
That worked out great too.

(Buy yourself a used desk in a thrift shop so you don't feel bad if you ruin it)

You Will Need:
a white wall
painters tape
flower stamp/stickers
butterfly stamp/stickers
Carefully put the painters tape onto the wall  in the shape of a fence. 
Shape the tape to make the top of the fence.
Paint a mixture of blues and whites for the sky painting over the tape.
As soon as the paint dries you will peal the tape off and the fence will reveal itself.
Same goes for the bottom green colors.
Use stamps or stickers and decorate to your delight.
I used a sharpie to draw little lines for the butterfly path.
I want to tell you all that I absolutely do not know how to draw. 
I can craft, but drawing is not what i know.

The only thing I know for sure is
You must have a couple of hours completely to yourself.
Then you definitely have a chance to do this.