Monday, September 19, 2011

Must haves for scrapbooking

How much stuff does one need for scrapbooking?
Just a few.
Maybe a little more than that.
But truthfully it's like getting dressed.
Some people like it simple.
Some like it overdone.
Ther are a few items that are a must though.
I'll start with the absolute necessities.
As I'll blogg I'll keep adding more.
And more.
And more......

   1.Paper Trimmer 
An absolute must.
Unless you want to use a scissors and ruler.
Which takes forever.
And never comes out perfect.
   2. American Crafts Albums
Not expensive.
A great way to save your layouts.
   3.Bazzil cardstock.
These come in every color.
You can get these in any scrapbooking store.
Amazing Savings. (New York)
Big Lots.
   4.Glue Stick
No Mess!
Works with almost everything.
Even ribbons.

So these 4 items are a definite must.
All the other thousands are a matter of personal taste.
You'll see as you go along.
Just don't go shopping alone.
You might need someone there to control you.
I know I do.

You might think - how can I scrap with so little?
I will show you how.
Look around the house.
Find something.

Come on. You can do this!
It's called DOODLING!
Don't take it too seriously.
Just do it!

Here I painted an orange circle and doodled totally freestyle.

This is One I worked on today.
Just to show you how easy it is.
Inspired by my  first scrapbooking love ELSIE FLANNIGAN.
In her book 52 scrapbooking challenges.

Here it is from close.

If you layer your cardstock you can add interest to your layout

The point here is that you can get started just as soon as you decide to.
No excuses.
Don't wait.
It's really easy.
And then you have a memory enhanced forever.
All because you gave it a chance.