Monday, October 10, 2011

Another one of my favorite things.

I love ribbons on my layouts.
When I'm in the store I can never remember what colors I have.
(i know i should write it down on a piece of paper)
So I buy more.
And more.
And more.
So that's how I ended up with this:
Actually I have a lot more.
But I'm embarrassed to show you all of it.
I've started to get organized.
This is far as I got.

That was easy to do because they are already rolled up.
It's the loose ones that are a pain in the neck.
I'm looking for ideas.
Found this which I ADORE!
This is also a great idea.
And inexpensive too.
Meanwhile I will keep using ribbons on layouts like this.

If you can drag your eyes away from that adorable girl,
look behind her.
You can see this layout.
You don't always have to put it in to a scrapbook.
You can also frame it.
And this.

Or this.
This one is so simple anyone can do it.
Even you.
Yes you.
I used a glue stick.
And staples.
Everone has a glue stick and a stapler.
It's all in the combination of colors.
Make it pop!

If you hang out with me I will teach you how to make pretty flowers.
Stick around.
Be patient.
I promise you I will teach you how.
Gather your supplies.
Make a list like I do.
In your little note pad.
Put it in your purse.
You never know when you will be near Michaels.
Or a REAL scrapbook store.
You have to be ready.
So you could make something like this.

I can feel you getting excited about this.
Stay with me here.
By next week,
ok, next year,
you will be able to do all of this!
And more.


FoFo said...

Very pretty! I really like the creative use of ribbon on your layouts! I need to start scrapping again! I am so behind!

Faygie Fellig said...

There's no such thing as being behind in scrapbooking. i started only 10 years ago. does that make me all those years behind?! nope. just do it!

LEDesign said...

I love the way you use ribbon. I stopped scrapping once I got married and didn't have room or patience to unpack my stash each time... I try to digi scrap when i have time.

YRR said...

I love all the ribbon layouts!
Ribbons can create so many different, gorgeous effects!!

Faygy said...

the ribbons are so cool i love all the colors and designs on them!