Tuesday, October 11, 2011

GIVEAWAY!!! Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process.

I will be giving away a starter kit to one lucky winner.
So you guys could see that I am REALLY serious about teaching you from the very beginning.
I'm gonna give you all a week.
OR when I get 50 comments.
Whichever comes first.
So spread the word.
Whatever you want to say.
eg. You are awesome.
      I love your blog.
      You inspire me.
You get what I mean.
THEN I will randomly choose ONE winner (or maybe TWO if there are many many posts)
You will get lots of goodies which I will post a picture of soon.
So spread the word.
Someone will win.
It might as well be you!
So here it is.
So many goodies.
By popular scrapbooking companies.

If I see tons of comments it make make me feel even more generous.
Who knows what more surprises you will find !!!

I almost want to send this to myself .
Just to feel that excitement of opening up the box!
So go ahead already.
Post me a comment!


Carrie said...

I discovered your blog because your daughter was bragging about her mom...I hope someday my daughter will do the same about me. I can't wait to see what you do next!!!!

Carolena said...

YOu KNOW I'm IN... I love having time to scrap with you getting to share with you everyday is such a wonderful bonus :-)

FoFo said...

I'm in! I just started following your blog because someone else said something about your scrapbooking abilities. I think you do lovely layouts and would love a kit to make something lovely too. It would jumpstart my scrapping again. I've been so busy with other things that I've gone from being almost current to 4 years behind! Thanks for doing this!

schap said...

love your blog and would LOVE to wina scrapbooking kit!! :)

chaiky said...

Your quite amazing!! What can't you do?!

Rach said...

I want to win!! Then I'll give the kit back to you so you can make me more scrapbook pages :-D

Rivky said...

Wow! 1st time hearing about your blog! Soo excited to read up on it and I look frd to your tips.

I find SB'ing totally my outlet, especially after kids in bed. I started after giving birth to my twins (who are almost 5) and its such an exhilaration. It's almost like drinking a cold beer, almost..

Thanks for sharing your insights! Let me know when u need my address.. ;)

marilyn said...

Found your blog via Chicken Stitches, and I love it. What a generous give-away! Thanks for the opportunity to win it. Warmest regards, Marilyn

Proud Tante said...

cant wait to learn scrapbooking! just need to find time to do it...

Blima N. said...

love your blog and would LOVE to wina scrapbooking kit!! :)

It is something I used to do all the time and ran out of money to do. THis would be a great self present.

Faygie Fellig said...

so happy to hear from all of you. keep in touch and let me know what interests you.

rebnoach shlita said...

hi my daughter Ady enjoys and loves scrapbooking so much and she cant wait to get more classes with u Faygie as shes done a class with u when u were here last year .

Carolena said...

I NEED TO SCRAP!!!!! LOL as soon as yom tov is over I'm making an appointment your blog is giving me the itch BIG TIME
your amazing :-)

YRR said...
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YRR said...

Love all the scrapbook layouts!!! the kit looks so cool and i would love to have it!!! this is all making me want to scrap again. haven't had much time recently!!! :)

Sharpshooting by Sherri said...

Cool blog, cool promotion on two peas.

Fashion-isha said...

I'm definitely entering!!! Thanks for stopping by and following. Love meeting other Jewish bloggers! You have a highly creative blog and I can't wait to see more!



Kylie M-W said...

This looks like an awesome prize! So glad I've found your blog. Thanks for the chance to win!

serenarepsold said...

Wow! You are so creative. I pinned your layouts and put them on Pinterest. Your work is gorgeous! I am also delighted to see a fellow Jewish scrapper. Happy New Year! L'Shanah Tovah!I am going to follow your work! Thanks for the inspiration!

Shloime said...

Nepotism or not, I WANT TO WIN! Best blog ever.

Debbie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, Faygie! Nice to meet you. I'm not a scrapbooker, but many scrapbooking supplies are good for use on fabric, too. I could give the rest to scrapbooking friends. Or, who knows, maybe I will BECOME a scrapbooker! Thanks for counting me in.

goldie tennenhaus said...

hey faygie you make me smile you are a sister in law that can do anything cook, make great parties, dress well, play piano, knit , crochet, make scrapbooks, cut sheitels, give warm loving hugs, and who inspired me to finally write and continues to do so. love you yes if i do win can you tell me exactly what to do with them?

Kaila Fine said...

They're awesome!!!
Go chaya'le!!!!!!!!!!!!!

esti said...

hey, sounds like goldie is describing MY sister in law!!!
I wanna win! And if I do, I will make my start my very first scrapbook! :)

Chaya Rockford said...

This is my most favorite website ever! I'm sitting here looking at all your posts, and my roommates are are laughing at me! They keep trying to talk to me, and I can't hear a thing they are saying because I am so mesmerized by your scrapbooking! I love scrapbooking, but barely ever make time for it. :(