Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow in the fall...

New york is unpredicatable in many ways.This year the weather is proving that quite early.Not even a fair chance to enjoy Fall, Winter comes and steals the show.
I would love to be there to see the first real snow.
But only for an hour.
Seeing it is one thing, living with it is another.
Last year there was a major snow storm.
It made life for New Yorkers a little harder.
But the pictures were beautiful.

Don't the alphabet remind you of ice?
And the snowflakes really hit the spot.
Now I have to admit to something.
Most scrapbookers (actually ALL responsible scrapbookers) give you the name of the product.
I,on the other hand, have layouts from too long ago to know what company they are.
I did not know I would become a Blogger.
That's my excuse.
But I promise from now on I will keep all the pakaging.
Meantime enjoy and be inspired.


YRR said...

I adore this layout!!! The colours and all the embellishments really give it a wintery feel!

Faygy said...

this page is amazing i would have never even thought of something like that and yes the alphabet look like ice and snow! its fabulous!

Henya said...

Very pretty! I know this is inadequate comment, but I know nothing about scrapbooking. I can just say "Wow this is stunning" - and it is.
I so, so much do not miss snow! Very, very happy that it is happening very far from me!

Angie said...

This is Beautiful, i love the time you take to really and truly let your work come alive. I can definitely see the passion in your work. Keep on doing and making because it is so intricate and delicately put together that it makes the work come alive!

I thank Sarale for showing me your blog (: