Monday, November 28, 2011

...and the knitting goes on...

While I'm scrapbooking and doing other things like work... (sheitel macher for those who don't know!)I continue to knit.
This is where I am up to so far.
I worked alot on this project because I had to see how it would evolve.
Each line of Alef Bais took me 31/2 hours.
Yep! Sat late into the nights to see it happen.
So excited about how it's coming out....

Now I will put it to the side for a few days while I will be busy with family Simchas.
I also want to make a sweater to bring to my great-niece whom I've never met.
I hope to finish it before I get to the wedding.
(2 more days. But it goes fast.)
I will show it to you guys when I am done .
Here's a sample of what's to come...

I actually can't decide if I should use crocheted flowers or felt flowers. What do you think?