Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You have outgrown my lap but not my heart...

I have been blessed with six daughters and one son.
Each one is a bundle of personality wrapped in a colorful ribbon.
Open a bottle of champagne and watch the bubbles burst forth.
Those are my kids.
When they were little they totally depended on me.
Any choice or decision had to be decided by me.
The Boss. The Parent. The one who knows better.
And then they grow up.
That is when you the Parent turn into a Tightrope Walker.
Anything you do or say can throw you off balance.
You could be walking straight ahead with great confidence and oops,
There you are teetering on a thin string on top of your 'family hi-rise' wondering how to proceed without failing falling.
It's a constant challenge and you have no choice but to forge ahead and keep that balance.
Because falling is not an option.
And then they get married.
What a blessing.
Now the tightrope has new challenges.
Good ones.
But new nonetheless.
This year my one and only son got married.
As any mother knows, how can any girl be good enough?
My son? He's perfect. No such thing as perfect? You haven't met my son then!
He is so perfect that I knew when he chose a wife she was going to be everything I wanted for him.
And I was right.
As complete as he is, she totally completes him.
Last night he came home for the night to attend a wedding.
His wife wasn't able to come because she is commited to work and school.
I thought when I would see him alone I would feel happy to have him all to myself.
But surprisingly I missed seeing him with his beautiful new wife by his side.
They are so  right together it doesn't seem natural for him to be without her.
And I love that.
I love knowing he has a soul mate.

Aren't they gorgeous! k"h poo poo!
I want to introduce you all to another way of scrapbooking.
DIGITAL scrapbooking.
I always wanted to learn how to do it..
So I tried out for the place of guest designer and Jen Martakis was kind enough to send me some
 free digital kits to try out. (buy the kits. they are so worth it!)
This layout was my first attempt and I am so happy with the results.
I sent it in to Costco to print . $3.00 for a 12x12 photo.
I think in the future I will have lots of fun learning this new (to me) and challenging way to scrapbook.
If you know how to use Photoshop or such try this way of scrapbooking.
You will quickly become hooked.
If not, just put together this wonderful heart with papers and buttons.
And keep your memories forever.
Like I do.
Here is my little boy almost 20 years ago....


pinkalicious said...

scary how fast it all goes by!! I love reading your blog Ma. You still inspire me daily to be the best me I can. I love you!

Chanalesings said...

omgosh gorgeous!

Keshet said...

Oh Faygie, I just love this post:) So heartfelt and sweet. And you're totally up for Mother in law of the year award!

RF Photography Client Slideshows said...

So true!! This is amazing.

Fashion-isha said...

I love this brought tears to my eyes because I can totally relate! Your kids are gorgeous!! May your life always be dripping with blessings!

PS Thanks for stopping by and inviting me! I would love to meet you next time I'm in Miami!