Sunday, December 11, 2011

Don't knock the weather. If it didn't change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn't start a conversation.

I opened the door this morning and felt a soft breeze.
Hardy much. But enough to hope that soon there could be a chill in the air.
When I think of Winter I still think of snow.
Images of your childhood never quite disappear. They just hide behind layers of new and old experiences.
I miss having a 'real' winter. (well just for a moment)
Living here in Florida has robbed me of the four seasons.
Here we have one season.
Hot and Not So Hot.
In the Winter months I get to wear my summer clothes comfortably.
There are a few days that are really cold though, 35-45 degrees.
These are the days I wish I had heat in the house.
I layer  summer clothes and throw on a warm sweater I have for 'just in case'.
Only if you have family in other places do you look prepared for the cold weather.
The New York look. Black skirt, black tights, black boots...
When I see my friends in their winter wardrobe they look almost funny under the weight of warmer and heavier fiber.
Most Floridians want the cold to be over quickly.
I, on the other hand, can't get enough.
I love when the temperature drops.
As cold as it gets the sun comes out anyway.
It's a bright, crisp, colorful cold.
It's the kind of cold that makes you want to do stuff.
Run on the boardwalk without sweating.
Drink a coffee to warm up.
Wear the lightest color Uggs and not worry about getting them dirty.
So Winter for me is an eagerly anticipated and well deserved change for me.
I must confess I am actually annoyed when visitors from the north look at me almost in  anger and say 'Is it always this cold in January?' While I'm praying it stays this way they're praying the weather will change. Must be confusing to G-d hearing the conflicting prayers coming from the same place...
But I also understand how they feel.
New York is a hard place in the dead of winter.
This  layout is a picture my daughter Rochelle took.
I kept this layout very simple. Colors enhanced with Photoshop.
Used net with little white specks to extend the feeling of snow.
Backed by black textured cardstock.
So simple yet so effective.
I especially love this picture because my son is in it and I was so impressed with Rochelle's photography skills.
I can feel the cold just looking at it.
Already six years since this picture was taken.

This next layout on the other hand, captures the beauty of a winter's day melting away the snow.
I love how Shulamis's dress is yellow and fresh against the brick and grime of the streets of Brooklyn.
This was taken last year. The winter was brutal. The picture is not.

A beautiful layout for a beautiful girl.
I printed out a quote, backed with printed paper.
Use rubons. Rubons are fun to use and I usually buy them discounted at Big Lots or Amazing Savings in New York.
Flowers are another  favorite element of mine and I am tempted to use them on all my layouts.
I think the three layers of colored paper under the picture are key to bringing out the colors perfectly.
White cardstock always works. Especially when you want the picture to stand out.
If you want to do a layout like this you don't even have to buy rubons.
Google Doodles and play around with a super fine sharpie.
You can make these designs yourself.
I challenge you to try it.
Put on music (like Chanale's cd) and play with your sharpies.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Anyone can do it.
Just try!
You will totally amaze yourself.


yleah said...

Q.- what do you do with all the pictures after they have been “done up”? do you put them in an album?

Chanalesings said...

I hear you loud on clear on the winter thing. Feel free to come live here this winter while I enjoy the' deep freeze down south.'

Faygie Fellig said...

i put all my layouts in albums. i have 100's of layouts.

Faygy said...

LeI like snow on the first day but after that I want summer! I love the layouts!

MITCH!!!!!! said...

i like what you wrote on that page. fits the picture so well :)

Stacy Cohen said...

As a California girl, I can relate! I was in Colorado last week where it was freezing and snowing, and it really made me appreciate the nice weather we have year-round here in SoCal.

These layouts are both beautifully done! And that bright yellow dress against the snowy background -- STUNNING!