Monday, November 7, 2011

Become the memory keeper...

I know you want to start scrapbooking already right?
Here's a good one to start with.
You don't have to make it exactly like this one but you can follow the pattern.
Most of us have taken pictures in the photo booth in a giddy moment.
It captures fun and playfulness at it's best.
On this layout I use a lable maker for journaling.
Not an expensive item and so useful for scrapbooking.
If you don't have a circle cutter use a round bowl and cut around the outline.
I love adding a little hand sewing. I think it adds cosiness to any layout.

Here are more layouts with hand sewing.
It takes time but it is so worth it.
Use your skills to make your layouts your own.

You see how I did the journaling here? Print the words off your computor.
Or you can write them as well.
Cut them into little word blocks.
Ink the edges for a pop effect.
I used red ink and black ink.
If you don't know how to sew add a pretty flower instead.
Or a circle. Anythink that does the job.
It's a simple layout.
Anyone could do it.
Even you.


Faygy said...
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Faygy said...

i love these 2 pages and the stitching adds so much to them, amazing!

YRR said...

cool pages! the sewing always gets messed up when i do it well done!