Thursday, November 10, 2011

"A Man Is Not Old Until Regrets Take the Place of Dreams"

Now that I have grandchildren it's hard to convince myself that I am YOUNG.
But then again who's to say what age means?
I choose to think otherwise.
Age is Wisdom. Experience. Self confidence. Growth. Accomplishment. Maturity. Skill. Knowledge. Intuition. Fulfillment.
There is no room for OLD.
And most importantly it's about dreaming of more...
For your children. For your grandchildren. And for yourself.
Happiness has no age limit.
Laughter has no age limit.
Imagination has no age limit.
Have a great attitude and you will never grow old.

Here is a layout at the beginning of my BUBBYHOOD.
So very easy to do.
Use my two favorite scrapbooking items.
White textured cardstock. And Sharpies.
I love my sharpies.
The possibilities are endless.
Use your ageless imagination and come up with something.
You will possibly surprise yourself.
I know I do all the time!

You can cut out more flowers and use 3d sticky dots to give your layout some pop.

This layout was done 4 years ago. WOW!
Don't you want to be able to say that?


schap said...

love the pages!
and of course, love the age thing... very applicable :)

Carolena said...

I copied this layout for shloimy and his bubby 4 yrs ago :)
still one of my favorites!

YRR said...

Cute,bright layout!!!

Faygy said...

this page is very bright it really captured my eye are the flowers stickers or cut out from paper? they look amazing.

Pioneer Blogger said...

I promised you a comment!!