Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chanukah is here 2011...

Chanukah is the best Yom Tov ever!It's all about family and fun, my two favorite things.
Each Yom Tov is defined by childhood memories.
Memories of preparations.
Food preparations to be exact.
My mother stood there turning out latkes one more perfect than the other.
My Father singing "Haneiros Halalu" strong and loud.
No matter how much time passes or how many miles away you are, you remember.
Now that I am the Bubby, my children are making their own memories and sending me the pictures.

Sometimes you can incorporate your photos as part of the design.

CRAFTING JEWISH STYLE has a wonderful collection of Chanukah papers and stickers.

Rivky Konig, author of the book and creator of this wonderful line, sent me Rosh Hashana, Chanukah and Pesach kits to create layouts with.
There are a thousand ways to use this collection besides for Yom Tov layouts.
The journaling on this next layout was inspired by Chanukah lights. (hence, you light up my life)

Here's one I posted before.
Rosh Hashana inspired the journaling on this one.

Can you see the possibilities? Endless...
So now you can take pictures of your family/friends and Yom Tov festivities.
You've got the perfect papers to use.
Go for it!


Keshet said...

Have a great Chanuka Faygie!

Faygy said...

i saw the page with the honey it was 1 of my favorites. but i really love the page with the pictures as part of the menorah! have a good Chanukah!