Monday, December 19, 2011

So much Nachas...

Mrs. Brownstein is talking to Mrs. Goldberg.
"So tell me about your daughter?" asks Mrs. Brownstein.
"Well," Mrs. Goldberg replied, "When she was 18, she married a pediatrician and they had a little boy, but after a couple years they got divorced. Then, she married a prosperous dentist and they had twins, but again things didn't work out and they got divorced. After that, she met a big lawyer and they got married and had a little girl, but that one just lasted three years, too. Now she's engaged a fourth time, to the President of a bank."
"Oy!" said Mrs. Brownstein. "So much joy from one child!"

Ask any Jewish mother what she wants and she will immediately say NACHAS!
Nachas is worth more than money.
Nachas is worth every labor pain.
Every nauseous day of pregnancy.
Every penny spent on education.
Every sleepless night.
So when you get a dose of it you need to take a moment and indulge.
I do that by scrap booking, as you all know by now.
B"H I have much nachas from each one of my children and grandchildren.
Sometimes I even have nachas from my husband!
THIS is one of the ways a man gives you nachas.

If you know my husband, you understand how this layout is such a reflection of him.
It's always a challenge for me to make a masculine layout.
When you have 6 girls and 3 granddaughters, you have a ton of girly stuff, but I love how this came out. Manly papers for a macho guy.

Nachas is pride, joy, and happiness that becomes a part of you.
Like wrinkles at the side of your eyes from smiling so much.
That smug, satisfying feeling that says "you done good".
Although we know that it all comes from Hashem, we can't help but take a little credit when anyone in our family gives us nachas.
Even when my nieces or nephews give me nachas I feel proud of our family.

One of my girls is giving me a ton of nachas right now.
She finished school and became a Cutco rep.
I've been cooking for 30 years now and I can honestly say Sarale has given me a new appreciation for kitchen tools.
Cooking became it should be.
Cutting your vegetables or fruits exactly how you'd like it, that is fun!
When your knife doesn't take a detour as you're cutting melons or squash, that is fun!
A roast cut in neat thin slices can actually make you feel proud of yourself. Go figure!
I wish I could retrieve all the pineapples I barely managed to peel without throwing away more then I cut!
Believe me, I always knew Sarale had potential.
I even documented that feeling 5 years ago with this layout.

She is so full of all the wonderful things I knew she would be.
I am so happy she sees how hard work really pays off.
She got the stamp of approval from  Bubby Mochkin. (not easy to come by one of those!)
She gave her Bubby a knife for a gift and her Bubby said "It's even better than an electric knife"!
Sarale, I knew you could be tops in whatever you did, I just didn't expect you to attain it so quickly.
THAT is nachas!

I remember when she was born. (not really but I have a scrapbook page to prove it happened!)
She was gorgeous from the first second I laid eyes on her.
Screamed like a lunatic as a baby, but gorgeous nonetheless!
Every picture of her inspires me to scrapbook a layout in a totally different way.
Here's one where I used different pieces of black and white papers.
I added a hint of green and hot pink for emphasis.

I don't know how I put this together but I like the feel of it.

And here is one simple, cool  and easy to make layout.
Using lots of smaller photos in black and white really works.
I used a Label Maker for the journaling.
So simple. You could do this on any layout you make.

So how about it.
Get busy recording your dose of nachas.
Everyone gets some.
Cherish it.


esti said...

Faygie, the picture of the kids holding Sarale when she was a newborn freaked me out because my Avrohom looks just like Shloimy!!!

Chanalesings said...

such a great post ma!!