Friday, December 30, 2011

A doodle a day keeps the boredom away!

Who doesn't doodle?
Everyone does.
Sometimes you don't even realize you're doing it.
You're on the phone and suddenly you've created art on a piece of paper.
Yes, ART!
If you've ever been to ART BASEL or any other art show you will find that doodling is very much considered art.
Romero Britto for me is what I consider a man who has brought doodling into the art form at it's highest level.
So give your doodling another look. You may have something there.
I always doodle when I go to a learning class.
I can only concentrate if my eyes are not wandering around the room getting distracted by the colors.
So consequently I have ended up with sheets of doodles that at some point I filled with gel pens or other forms of coloring markers.

It starts out like this....

And ends up like this.

These are some of my favorites.

Just makes me happy to look at them.
Over the years I have incorporated doodling in my layouts.

I love using white gel pens on dark cardstock. 
Here I used small strips of different colored cardstock and applied a simple doodle of twirls.

Small little circles of doodles and you've changed the look.

You can even doodle directly on your photo if that works for you.
This is one of my proudest doodles!
I make the frame with my sharpie and then used a q-tip with chalk to add a little color.
The white gel pen also works so well here.
Notice the frame around the layout made with black and white filled hearts.

If you think you can't doodle think again.
You most certainly can.
 Get some sharpies, pencils, whatever and give it a go.
You probobly don't even know your own capability.
No matter where your creativity lies, go forward.
Plunge straight ahead.
You might surprise yourself!


pinkalicious said...

your doodles are brilliant!

Faygy said...

fantastic doodles! so easy but so affective! do u have specific pens or normal gel pens?

Faygie Fellig said...

regular gel pens. i love trying a variety of pens. Try them first on paper and see what you like.

Faygy said...

Thanks faygie,i will try it out!

YRR said...

Are those letters chipboard? i love using them you can make such cool things in so many different ways!

schap said...

faygie- today, while i was on the phone i doodled... :) totally thought of u!