Sunday, January 8, 2012

DOODLING once again...

For those of you who want to doodle here is a tutorial.
Go for it!
Meanwhile I leave you with another doodle.

Are you in the mood yet?
Come on I'm making it real easy for you.
Go into a store and buy a collection of gel pens.
Leave it in the drawer.
Start while you're doing something else and see where it goes...
Let me know.
The best part it, there is no wrong or right.
It's totally your rules.
Now how often does that happen?
So get to it. NOW!

doodling read and learn...


Faygy said...

Ur doodles are a work of art!

Yanky & Shandel Strasberg said...

i used to love doodling until someone in my class (or maybe it was a teacher) brought in a doodling analysis game/thing. now i can't doodle without overthinking it... totally took all the fun out of doodling :( i guess i gotta get brave again... after all, it is what it is ;)

pinkalicious said...

I have inherited many of your talents and freckles but doodling does not seem to be my thing! I am going to get some new gel pens and give it another try with Layla

Fashion-isha said...

Aaah love this! I used to be such a doodler! It was such a great way to destress. Why do we have to insist that only kids get to color?? Thanks for inspiring...and thanks for stopping by to say hi!

Faygie Fellig said...

don't knock it till you try it!