Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I don’t have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without caffeine!

When I was about 30 years old my wonderful friend R introduced me to Cappucino.
I fell in love.
I bought an inexpensive machine and proceeded to make Caps for everyone who walked through the door.
For a couple of years my friends and I would go to Mr.Bean and drink our morning coffees together.
(That's when my corn muffin addiction started, but that's another post altogether.)
I miss the camaraderie of my little circle of friends.
We vented.
We joked.
We comforted.
We agreed.
We disagreed.
We watched the twin towers fall...
Then the school moved to North Miami and we no longer had the same morning route.
These days I spend my mornings alone with my homemade Cap.
I no longer have a machine.
Instead I have a simple milk frother from Italy that my nephew gave me.
Works like a charm.
There's something comforting about going through the same ritual every morning.
Sometimes I feel addicted and I don't like that at all.
But most of the time I look forward to having my moment.
Any one of you who drink coffee in the morning have their own individual experience.
But it boils down to one thing.
We LOOOOVE our morning coffee.
If only we would commit to something of more importance like we do for this one thing.
Imagine being on a healthy diet with the same commitment,
with the same excitement,
with the same anticipation
as we do for our morning coffee.

For some of you scrapbooking is only about people.
I am here to show you that scrapbooking is about memories.
And that includes food.
Whatever makes you YOU!
Grab your camera and take pictures of your everyday life.
You don't have to scrapbook them right away.
Have them just in case I inspire you.
Always be prepared.
This layout shows you how easy it could be.
A ribbon.
A picture.
There you go!
Now that I've mentioned doodling I will show you what I did on Sunday.

I was home relaxing and playing with my sharpies.
Looked up Zentangle on google.
Got inspired and ended up with this.
I don't know if it's the greatest layout I've ever seen but I had fun doing it.
For me the experience is twofold.
One is committing the memory to paper.
The second is the memory of me creating the layout.
If you want a twofold experience like mine you gotta get started.
It's so worth it.

                                                                                 This says it all.....


Fashion-isha said...

First of all thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Second of all I LOVE my addiction to coffee and have no guilt about it, don't we have enough guilt already? And third, I too get distracted by outer beauty...duh! That is the whole struggle...I need to take my own advice!!
PS I love seeing your scrapbooking work it's amazing how talent can be used in so many ways!

RF Photography Client Slideshows said...

I was just telling a friend how when I was home you whipped up a coffee for me with your milk frother...love the layout of the girls...gave those pictures a fun story.

Kalpesh said...

This post is fantastic. I loved reading it. I am thankful to get this post when i was searching videochat 

simona said...

Hi Faygie!

I've looked around your lovely blog and really admire your scrapbook artwork, what creative layouts you come up with!

I'm also thrilled to see that you enjoy my "She Loves Her Coffee" Illustration! Isn't this just how we feel about our cup at times? :)
Here is the link for you to include as picture credit, I know you probably just had no idea where it came from:

Have a wonderful, creative weekend!