Sunday, January 22, 2012

a post without pictures...

When I first began blogging I did it for several reasons.
  • 1. To legitamize myself as a scrapper/crafter/knitter....Having an internet address makes me easy to  find.
  • 2. To become one with this generation. Texting, blogging, video chatting,  pintresting  etc. makes  me  feel young and up to date.
  • 3. Keeps me busy in the evenings. B"H my children are all grown up now and I have time to indulge myself.
  • 4. Helps me keep inventory of my work in a more clear and detailed way. I love the process of breaking down what I am doing and why I am doing it.
  • 5. I have a strong desire to share what knowledge I have so that I might inspire one of you to give it a try.
  • 6. I will also admit that I have a strong desire to publish a book about scrapbooking and maybe if I blog about it I will eventually find the avenue to take for that goal to happen.
  • 7.  Most importantly, I feel accomplished at something I never thought I could do and that gives me strength to further challenge myself.
What I did not expect is the enjoyment I would get from my interactions with people who read my blog.
Most people don't take the time out to say a few words but even one or two comments makes my day!
Todays world brings new opportunities to make 'friends' you never could have had any other way.
And you don't even have to 'do lunch'!
I love that so much.
If I have the opportunity to be in any city where I feel I've connected to a blogger who lives there, I would definitely make the effort to meet them.
There is also another pleasure from those that comment.
They are written by friends and family.
I get a thrill knowing they would take a second out of their busy day to conciously think about me.
Random thoughts pass through our minds all day that look real good when you put them to print.. Especially a compliment.
But what is clearly the best reason for blogging and what surprises me the most is that at the end of the day I feel like I am finding a new understanding of who I am.
That's what happens when you are quietly writing your thoughts.
They are clear.
They are pure.
They are you.

For me the biggest challenge of scrapbooking has always been journaling.
I don't have a sophisticated vocabulary.
I wasn't focused enough in school to learn grammar well.
I am forever envious of writers who can take a seemingly ordinary moment and weave an extraordinary tale.
(like my good friend Batya Lisker)
What a gift.
But that shouldn't stop me from trying.
Maybe I won't write like Batya but I could write like Faygie Fellig.
That could work.
So here I am.
Blogging away...


schap said...

thanks for blogging- for whichever reason u choose :) love it

Fashion-isha said...

I think you are one the better writers out there and I'm not trying to flatter you...really, why would I do that? I was just explaining to one of my friends how blogging changed my life and helps me feel so connected and less lonely...only thing is I feel like I don't connect as much with my real old friends as much :( ...gotta find that balance, right?
Would love to meet you one day!!

Debbie said...

Very well said and written, Faygie. I see nothing wrong with the way your blog posts are written, although I really enjoy the photos the most!

epicuregifts said...

LOVE YOUR WRITING.... where did you learn to write so well, love reading your lines, I wish I had some of your talent,

Chanalesings said...

Your blog rocks!!! Seriously, its so perfect. Im so proud of you,

Chana said...

Fabulous expression of self.

I'm sure you know the famous story of Reb Zushe, crying on his deathbed. When his students asked why he was worried he said, I'm not afraid of G-d asking me why I wasn't like Moshe or the Rambam. But I am afraid that He will ask "why weren't you like Reb Zusha? Why didn't you find your inner being and realize your potential? Why didn't you find yourself?...."

You are finding Faygie, you are already 10 steps ahead. Keep them up. You're an inspiration.

Faygie Fellig said...

now THIS is what i'm talkin about! love the comments. not for the attention of it. for the communication part of it.

Faygy said...

AMAZING BLOG! i love every post you write!

RF Photography Client Slideshows said...

Your best expression is your of the reasons you're an incredible artist.

pinkalicious said...

Dear Mommy,
Your creativity wow's me! You inspire me each and every day to choose happiness and dream in rich vibrant colors!!

Mom said...

Words from the heart, always well expressed (who needs perfect grammar?). It's a day before the big event and I won't let it pass without checking in with Faygie to see what's on her mind. Keep it up, and hope so much you're feeling well.

Nechama said...

My only complaint with your blog is that there are no old posts! I've been following almost since you started, so there's nothing to fall back on when it's a day without new news.

Oh well. What I meant to say was: I love reading your blog. You have totally reached your set goal of inspiring others to scrapbook with me!

Faygie Fellig said...

i'm feeling the love!

RochieO said...

I love to stop by for some crafty inspiration... but I usually leave with a lot more than that! Insights and thoughts about Friendship, Family and Life...
Thanks for blogging!