Monday, February 27, 2012

Happily obsessed...

My daughter laughs at me.
She says I become an obsessed person when I find something new to do.
So what if I am?
Right now I am a 'little' obsessed with zentangle.
I think it's because all you need is 2 things and you're off.
With scrapbooking I have to schlep out all my stuff.
Cover the kitchen table with glue, tape, paint etc...
That's the easy part.
The worst of it is that I have to clean up at the end of the day.
The schlepping begins when I have to put back all my portable drawers.
Down the stairs.
Now you can appreciate all the more how much I want to Scrapbook.
And the knitting takes concentration.
There's a time for that too.
But sometimes I want to just zone out.
As apposed to zoning IN.
So I doodle.
You might call it obsessed.
I call it 'happily' obsessed.
No harm done to anyone.

You have no idea how relaxing it is.
I would be surprised to know that you haven't tried this yet...
And still I am also 'happily' scrapbooking.
HAPPY stuff.
Making little moments count.

Not my finest artistic creations.
But they make me happy.
So happy.
Little tiny moments.
Strung into long memory necklaces...
By itself, nothing special.
Together - fabulous, gorgeous length of beauty...


Henya said...

Wow! This looks very complicated and beautiful to me. On the other hand knitting for me is restful.

Eden said...

Wonderful doodle you've done!! I will bet that this new passion will carry over into your scrapbook pages and you will love it!

princessf said...

i love your doodles they make the page look so 'alive'

Dani Cristina said...

Is beautiful!

leah said...

your grandaughter is a spitting image of grandma;)it's frightening.
kein ayin hara!

max deutsch said...

Now I have discovered you. Zentangle looks beautiful. I love to scrapbook, but drawing terrifies me.
And about schlepping scrapbook supplies-several years ago, I carved a little corner of my entrance way as space for a desk for scrapbooking. It's nothing like the huge rooms you find in magazines, but it works.