Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I order you to be happy!

Every Jewish month has a special meaning.
Entering the month of Adar we are told to increase our joy.
But what if one is not happy by nature?
Can you order someone to be happy?
Happiness and the lack of it , are not so much as results of reality.
They are our perception of it.
If it's in your control, YOU change it.
And that's an order!
Happiness is not always easy to find.
If we're looking for it in the wrong places.
For me happiness is accomplishment.
Physical and/or spiritual.
When I feel 'down' I know I need to do something - fast.
That's where scrapbooking comes in.
It helps me focus on happy moments in a way that makes it seem like they last longer than they actually do.
It magnifies good times.
So if you want to scrap and you're not feeling it try this.
Putting yourself in a happy place can simply start with a smile.
Look in the mirror.
Smile at yourself.
See? I bet you feel better already.
Because actions trigger feelings.
Turn up the corners of your mouth.
Your mood will change.
A few months ago this lovely lady came to have her sheitels done for her grandaughter's wedding.
My husband remembered her from when he was a child living in Montreal.
She remembered him too.
What's amazing about that is that this wonderful woman is 98 K"H!
Just look at her smile.
That's the one you'll want to keep.

                                                flowers doodled by yours truly
This is a simple layout with a burst of colors.
I wanted that to be a reflection of Mrs. Kagen's personality.
Layer solid cardstock for a frame.
Doodle a flower and color it with markers.
Or put any other fun embellishment on the corners.
It's the colors that make it work.
And of course the smile.

And here is a layout I did showcasing my daughters Mishloach Manos from a few years back.
Aren't they cute?
I told her to think of something to create that won't cost a lot.
She loves slurpees from 7-11.
So she came up with this idea.
What a great imagination she has.

So remember.
A lot.

And be happy.

If you see a friend without a smile, give him one of yours.
Because of your smile you make life more beautiful.
For yourself.
For someone else.
Happy Purim.


Fashion-isha said...

Yes!! Be happy! There's always something to be happy about! Have a beautiful Shabbos!

Stacy Cohen said...

What a wonderful message! Something I learned from a very wise college professor many years ago: "If you want to change your attitude, change your behavior." If you want to feel happy, act happy. So yes, I totally agree with you on the power of a simple smile.

Your layouts are beautiful and full of love! I adore your doodling.

Happy Purim!