Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Ta....

Every year I call my father on his birthday and wish him well.
Being that I don't live near him I don't have the privilege of participating in his birthday celebration.
But he is blessed with grandchildren and great grandchildren that live near him.
Oh how lucky they are to know my Father, their Zeidy.
He is larger than life.
If he had the power to buy himself years he would ask for another lifetime.
Not because he hasn't accomplished enough.
Because he has so much more he wants to do.
So many more people to help.
So many more Seforim to learn.
More dances to dance.
More songs to sing.
More stories to tell.
More questions to ask.
More ideas to share.
He is a young man in an aged body.
I am still startled that he remembers to ask me about small details of my life.
He doesn't miss a beat.
He knows what each grandchild is up to.
(and there are many!)
He pays attention to where they are headed and passes along words of wisdom for their journey
He still wants to change the world.
He still wants to make a difference.
He has a twinkle in his eye that hasn't dimmed with age.
He has passion in his heart that grows stronger every day.
For him "Old age comes at a bad time" sam banducci.
I want my children and grandchildren to understand the kind of man my father is.
The best way I know how to show them that is by scrapbooking.
This next layout is full of color and joy.
A little whimsical.
Just like my father.

This is my favorite picture ever of my father.
It depicts his charachter to the T.
Enjoying his youngest grandchildren.
He makes every second with them count.

How fortunate is my son to have his father and grandfather davening with him for his future?
(And how lucky am I to have a daughter to photograph this extraordinary moment...)

This is a moment to cherish.
I'm sure you have many of your own.


esti said...

wow!! I can't stop coming back to see this post!

Anonymous said...

so meaningful!

chanasarale said...

This really made me smile , especially the first picture! That is always the face I picture of zeide when I think about him. Till 120 !!
So so nice !