Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why does time pass slowly when you're waiting for something good to come...

When I create layouts of adults I really mean business.
Thats when I get serious.
I have to dig deep inside myself to get to the core of how I feel.
About my family.
About my friends.
And about myself.
The easiest layout for me to create are about my grandchildren.
The love I feel for them is always fresh.
Like a hot cinnamon bun melting in my mouth.
The happiness and love I feel hits my brain like sugar.
Sends me directly to a happy, good all over feeling.
Living far away from them I have to satisfy myself with little morsels of lovin' in the few and far between visits.
In a few weeks almost all my children will be here for a family wedding.
I am excited in the way a little child is.
I keep asking my husband "How many more days till they come?"
I am most excited because the grandchild I see the least will be here for a full week.
How can I make the time count?
I want to know her.
I want her to know me.
Can we do that when the time we have together is so short?
Hashem runs the world and there's a reason for everything.
So I have to believe there is a higher source of explanation for me being here and them being there.
Meanwhile I scrap....
And dream...
About when we will finally live in one city together.
Sharing ordinary moments made significant because I will be witness to them.
I dream about picking you up from school, holding your hand and walking home together.
I think about me and you (any one of my children or grandchildren)on the train going somewhere.
I dream of you falling asleep on my shoulder on the way home of a satisfying day together.
I dream of being a little bit parent, alittle bit grandparent and a lot of best friend.
Whilst I dream I scrap...
(I obviously dream and scrap alot!)
As soon as I heard about my children's visit I was inspired to create.

Notice the combination of different papers that work well together.
Using a black and white picture makes the subject stand out.

Feels like a minute ago when in fact almost six years have passed since this picture was taken.
I love the idea of cutting the photo and matting with black.
Use the right picture to capture a moment like this.

This is one of my favorites.
You can try this too.
Practice writing the word Love the way I did here.
Use a sharpie to outline.
You can fill with puffy paint, glitter, color, anything you want.
Copy this one exactly.
Make me proud!

This is one of my favorite.
Not only because I love the picture.
Because I love the memory of making the layout.
I used tissue paper scrunched up with mod podge.
Paint, stamps, gold embossing, fabric, brads, flowers and rubons.
It takes time.
I usually leave my work on the kitchen table and in between working (sheitels) making supper and then some, I keep adding to the layout until  I feel satisfied.
The longer I work on a layout the better.
It keeps my mind on the subject.
It keeps my heart full of love.
It forces me to figure out how to transfer what I feel in a physical way.
It's an emotional process sometimes.
But well worth it.
At least until I see them again.
Then who has time for this nonsense!!!

Adair Lara, author of The Granny Diaries
"Grandkids bring you into a sweeter, slower present. They show you the future at a time when a lot of your friends are thinking about the past. And they take you back to childhood--theirs, the Parent's, your own: a three-time admittance to wonderland."
So Grandmothers get scrapping.
And you too, grandchildren.
The days pass slowly, but the years fly by.
Don't wait.


Ursula Schneider said...

Fun layouts. I like the one where you cut the photo and matted in black, great technique. And that bit of advice, yes, I agree. I've got six. Mine aren't as old as yours but two are grown and gone and I've seen some interesting things in each of them. We've (hubs and I) certainly had to come to terms with the fact that children are individuals responsible for their own actions. We only birthed one and took 3 of the others in as older children, one 16 and the other two 7 and 8. Those three have been the most difficult as you might imagine. Lots of willfulness. And all you can do is show them the love of God and the truth of God and the discipline of God and as adults they'll be left with the decisions. Hard to watch though when they are in self-destruct mode as my 16 year old currently is. But there is always hope. My 17 year old just came to Christ at Christmastime and such a radical change I have never seen. There is always hope in Christ! Anyway, thanks for stopping by and for sharing. It's good to hear the stories of others.

pinkalicious said...

I love you Ma!

Fashion-isha said...

You are so creative and these are so gorgeous. I'H I can't wait to have grandkids!!
Have a beautiful Shabbos!