Sunday, February 19, 2012

Same photoshoot, different layouts...

As many of you know, my daughter is a photographer.
She is remarkable at what she does.
She is dedicated to pursue excellence in her work.
Having a camera makes you no more a photographer than having a hammer and some nails makes you a carpenter. - Claude Adams
Self taught, she has a gift that stands out in her field.
Whenever we are lucky enough for her to visit us, she makes time to photograph her sisters.
Sarale allowed herself to be used for Rachel's first photoshoot ever.
The one that inspired her to take the journey into photography.
She's come a long way since then.
Her pictures speak in a way that needs no translation.
I luckily have the pleasure of making memories of each photo shoot.
I enjoy challenging myself to come up with different layouts for similar pictures.
I think I've accomplished that here.
What you want to do is make sure the picture pops.

I have a few beautiful linen tablecloths from when I got married, that include fine linen napkins.
I've never used the napkins.
So I decided this would be the best way to enjoy them.
In my scrapbook.
It adds femininity and elegance to the layout.
A reflection of Sarale...

This next layout, I used a canvas frame, washi tape,  paint, brads, page from an old book and  paper ribbon.
Washi tape gives you many different options for design.
Very easy to use, washi tape comes in a ton of patterns and colors.
Be careful though, it's addicting.

Now the canvas is hanging on the wall.
Makes me happy to look at it.
My daughter's in it.
My daughter took it.
And I made it.
That's three for one!
Maybe you just see a pretty picture.
But I put my emotions into each layout I make.
They each have a message from me.
To you.
Time will never stand still and those moments that bring us such joy become memories in an instant.
To capture such a moment and record it forever is truly monumental.
This is why I love what I do.
If you do it, you will love it too.


Fashion-isha said...

Just beautiful!! Each one is nicer than the next! Do you make these for people as a business?

Faygie Fellig said...

I do!

Debbie said...

I love your use of lace in your layouts, Faygie! I have a huge stash of lace and am sorry I didn't think of it when I sent you the yarns. I sent them last week, I think on Wednesday, so if the USPS does their job right, you should have them any day now.