Sunday, May 20, 2012

Love you forever, love you for always...

As I've told you guys many times
living far from my children is a bummer.
I hate it!
The days pass and I am left here feeling the void.
Yes, we talk on the phone.
We could even Skye.
But it's not the same.
I want to see them
touch them
smell them...
Nothing can replace that.
And while I sit here feeling sorry for myself
I scrap.
Here is my scrap for the week.
This is what I do with the time I could have spent taking the girls out for lunch.
Or maybe jumping on the bed with the little ones.
Nevertheless, I try to reach across the miles to express how much I love and think about them.

This layout came about after a trip to Michaels.
When I need a break I go there to see what is on markdown.
This week I was thrilled to find glimmer mist spray.
A wonderful flower stamp.
And these beautiful flowers.
My daughter's birthday was this week.
She is my inspiration for beauty, color and survival!
No one I know can make something out of nothing like this girl can.

Having my spunky grandaughter here for a week this year was a special treat.
I don't know what it is about photo booth pictures that makes me happy!
In one strip I see it all.
The joy.
The love.
The fun.
It's all there.

Very inspired this week by my blogger friends.
Which leads me to this....
Every Monday I will connect you with a blog that inspires me in some way.
Maybe an article I read
and of course food!!!
Or anything else that comes to mind.
So come back tomorrow and see who will be the first on my list.
(even I don't know that yet...)
Although I am not good with commitments
I will try to be here every Monday with something interesting for you guys.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the photo booth layout! And the photo strips. ADORABLE.

pinkalicious said...

I am everything I am because of you!

Stacy Cohen said...

These pages are beautiful!! So much vibrant color, and the love just shines through. The first one really caught my eye. I sing this little phrase to my daughters every single night before they go to sleep.