Monday, May 21, 2012

Favorite blog Monday

Favorite blogs for me are like my favorite friends.
I never compare them.
I need different ones for different reasons.
Depending on my mood I reach for one...
Each one inspires me to be better in their own unique way.
I feel lucky to have them in my life.
Friends and blogs.
Sometimes they merge into one.
I will be sharing my favorites with you in no particular order.
The very first blog I will be connecting you today is one I turn to for a happy feeling.
Through her blog she has given me the opportunity to experiment a little more than I am used to.
I purchased one of her classes and I am loving it.
This lady has what it takes to stand out.
Every day is lived in color.
Even a simple post of her posing is beautiful to look at.
I hope you take the time to look through her blog.
You will most likely learn something.
At the very least you will feel good all over!
Without further ado........

My Beautiful  Blog Inspiration....Alisa Burke

I hope you will let me know by your comments if you love it like I do....


Eden said...

I love your sentiments about blogs and friends....funny....each of our blog lists is an individual as we ourselves are! I love Alisa Burke....someday I'd like to take a class...Possibly you write an overview of her class for us on the fence.

Fashion-isha said...

I know how you feel about blogs and friends and I consider you one! I hope you're feeling good!

designchic said...

Love finding new to me blogs...yours and Alisa's!! Happily following...

Debbie said...

Thanks for showing us Alisa's blog, Faygie! Fun idea to review and share other's blogs. Something to think about...