Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The voice that speaks inside.

My salon chair looked tired.Sooooo tired.
I got this chair from a thrift shop 30 years ago.
So my guess is it's about 40-50 years old.
It's been used almost every day and it's still as strong as ever.
But it was definitely time for a new fresh look.

So one day it hit me.
Before buying  a new one.
I can make it a DIY project!
What do I have to lose?
Can't look worse than this!
Hmmmmm, so now I needed an idea.
It has to be a creative one.
Google - Painting Vinyl...
The only paint I had at home was seafoam green.
I wanted to start it right away.
So I painted it green and didn't like it much.
Change the color.
White is better.

I dug out my handy sander.
Found a bottle of primer.
And got to work!
Looks better already.
But still doesn't have my name on it.
Could be anyone's chair.
How could I make it stand out.
Back to Google.
Did anyone ever use Sharpies on vinyl?
Found only one chair HERE!
Yes that's it.
I can draw and doodle all over it.
Who says that's not ok?!?
Now I was really having fun.
I removed the handles, lifted the chair off the base and had a ball!
The end result is fun and artsy and has my name written all over it (so to speak).

Start and just jump in!

I adore Silverstein's poems.
So I found one that worked  for me and wrote it on the chair.
Love it so far.

Some things I've learned.
1.Take the time to prep. End result is much better.
2. Don't wear anything you do not want to stain.
3. Do Not get a manicure the day before you start.
4. Give yourself a lot of time. It will probobly take longer than you think.
5. Sharpies are your best friend!

So there you go.
Now when my DD asks me what I'm doing with my doodles I can show her this!

                                 BEFORE                                                                   AFTER

I am really happy with the result.
Now I need to make wall art to match.

When I try something new I feel like I am really living.
Trying something new often requires courage.
Trying something new opens up the possibilityfor you to enjoy something.
Trying something new keeps you from getting bored.
And most importantly
Trying something new forces you to grow.
Go ahead.
Try something new.


Debbie said...

I love it!

rachel awes said...

i love this so much i'm about to cryyyyyy! really, faygie, looove!
(i've recently thought i'd love to draw on a chair...written in my lil' "idea book"...but no chair at my fingertips yet...maybe someday i'll find one + she'll be friends w/yours). xox

Dana Tatar {datatar} said...

This is totally awesome! I'm thinking about covering an old chair in patterned duct tape. Your post has given me the confidence to just go for it! Thanks for sharing. =)

Rina Teich said...

Wow thats so creative i love it.

Yanky 'n Shandel Strasberg said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! you did an amazing job on this! (maybe seal it with some sort of spray shellac - or clear nail polish - so that hairspray or other products don't make the sharpies smudge... it is way too beautiful to ruin by mistake!!)

Anonymous said...

Love it! It looks absolutely amazing! And you're right, it does have your name written all over it :)

chana said...

Faigie!! WOW this is unreal !
you are so amazing i love it :):):)

Anonymous said...

whooooooa you are quite incredible!!!
Thanks for sharing all of your talents with us, you have me gasping..-Leah from NJ

Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

I can only imagine the creative goodness imbued in that chair.
Wonderful, wonderful work.
I wold love to see you commissioned to rejuvenate a public space (maybe even a whole city) like this!!

Mom said...

Yes, Faygie, it's time to take over the whole MB! I must make an appointment this week to be able to sit in that jaw-dropping unbelievable chair!

torontopearl said...

Stunningly impressive. Oy, to be able to "doodle" like you.
You "see" the whole picture and you create it. AMAZING.

You just found yourself a new career: personalizing chairs for people -- buy castoffs for cheap and redo them to personal taste or to a customer's taste. Unique and no doubt a moneymaker.

Now have a seat and take a rest, Faygie.

torontopearl said...

Faygie, BTW, not only did I comment here, I linked to the blog post on my Facebook page! (hopefully you had some visitors from there)

Louise said...

OMGosh this is AWESOME Faygie :) :) :)

LindaBrun said...

So beautiful and inspirational. I did try to pin it to pinterest for inspiration, but got an error message.

Heather Jacob said...

sooooooooooooooo amazing and unique .. you have created a treasure .. loveeeeeeeeeeee it so much xoxo

Stacy Cohen said...

No way!!! Are you kidding me?!? It looks AWESOME!

{I'm probably too old to be using the word awesome, but I couldn't think of any better word in this case}