Monday, June 25, 2012

Favorite blog Monday

The summer has started.
How would I know that?
I live in Miami and the weather doesn't change much.
Instead it rains.
And rains.
That's how I know it's summer.
I remember well when my children were young.
Summer meant lots of time to entertain the little ones.
Now that I've passed that phase I still can't help but miss it.
Not in reality, in theory!
Which brings me to my favorite blog this week.
I used to buy many arts and crafts book looking for ideas to do with my kids.
Now all you need to do is check out THIS BLOG.
Creativity oozes out of this lady big time.
Such fantastic, creative and most important, easy ideas you can do with your kids.
Her instructions are clear.
Her photos are clear.
Her ideas are fun.
Check it out.
Take a minute.
Let me know.
(I always say that and I'm still waiting for a few responses!)

Don't forget to takes pictures of your children's crafts.
When Chayale was younger she sat in her room for hours writing and illustrating this cartoon.
I was blown away when I saw what she could do all on her own.

Our children have so much potential.
It doesn't only have to be in arts and crafts.
Whatever it is, take a picture.
Do they hug the best?
Take a picture.
Do they yell the loudest?
Take a picture!
You get the picture!!!
Meanwhile go check out my favorite blog.
You can thank me later.


Anonymous said...

This is amazing!

Henya said...

What a wonderful find! Thank you Faygie!

Alfebørn said...

You are so right! Our childrens art is the best!