Monday, July 9, 2012

Favorite Blog Monday

When I was a little girl summer meant going to 'the country'.
That means packing up the car with lots of 'stuff'.
Sitting in the heat with open windows , waiting for my father as five minutes turned in to an hour.
Eating sandwiches along the way.
And my mother keeping a watchful eye on my father's driving.
It was very different in the old days.
The country meant outdoors.
Bug strips dangling from the ceiling in every room. (all three of them).
Mosquito spray.
We kept ourselves busy.
Picking fresh blueberries.
And for me - Knitting.
I learnt how to knit in those lazy summer months.
I don't remember using any patterns.
Somehow I figured out how to make little dresses for my barbie doll.
Today there are books for that . Like this one.
These days there is so much information for anyone who wants to learn.
What amazes me is that most kids I know are not interested in sitting still and learning the value of creating
How lucky I am to have grown up before computers took hostage of me.
I could have knit an entire house cover in the time I sit here in fascination at the constant evolving world.
But in the old days my own little world was evolving.
And as much as I am thankful for the excitement of seeing new ideas every day...
I am most grateful that I was born in a time when ideas took more time to formulate.
Which brings me to My Favorite Monday Blog today.
This time I will introduce you to a knitting site.
What I love about this site is that although they sell the yarn for their projects, the patterns are free.
For anyone to use.
You will most definitely find something that you will want to make.
And if you don't know how to knit, you will be inspired to learn.
So go check it out.
You will love it!
 Meanwhile here are some old pieces I made.
They are stained and yellow.
But it's hard to throw out.
The kids could always use it for their dolls.
Me - I use it for memories....
It's like my scrapbooks.
Maybe I'll write on it.
Hmmmm.... now that's an interesting idea!

I must have washed it and it shrank.
Here is Chanale wearing it at 7-8 years old.
Now it's the size of a little doll!

I remember making these.
A top for Chanale.
A dress for Shlam.
I'm sure I have pictures of them wearing it.
I remember how proud I was of my own design.
So I hope you are inspired to make something.
Start out small.
Know that it's practice, practice, practice.
It's only time.
Take your time.
It's worth it.


Rachelle said...

i loooved the knitted onesie! soo cute!

Rina said...

if i work really hard i think i can make it in the blue top...if i can do it, can i have it? i promise to wear it once a week and give you credit.

Alfebørn said...

Lovely to read your thoughts! Thank you and yes summer means contry, even if i live on third floor in a town with three children and a dog. As a mother i do a lot to invite the nature inside in our home! By the way lovely knitting!

Izzy Anderson said...

I'm grateful that I grew up in a time like that too. :) Your knitting is darling.

Great blog, new follower.

Anonymous said...

those pieces are gorgeous!