Monday, July 16, 2012

Favorite Blog Monday

Today I will be sharing with you an unusual blog.
As soon as I read what it was about I was intrigued.
If you want to know what I did yesterday for most of the day, this was it!
I went through every single post.
I watched almost all the video clips.
I was mesmerised.
Here was a young guy who was captivated by the people the world mostly pushes aside.
But they refuse to let themselves be ignored.
And you will see why.
After reading this fabulous, funny, inspiring blog you too will see them differently.
And you might see yourself differently too.
I know I did.
I am inspired even more now to be the person I want to be.
No matter what my age.
In our wonderful Jewish religion we are taught to respect our elders.
They have wisdom and life experience that needs to be treated with reverence.
But not until I saw this blog did I realize that they have YOUTH to share too.
Read it here - .

I am lucky to have a Mother who has taught me how to age with great style.
She was a gorgeous young woman.
Now she is a handsome older lady.
Aging gracefully and beautifully she takes great pride in her appearance.
I am sure if Ari Seth Cohen would see my mother in the streets of Manhattan
he would take her picture!

Here is a layout from my daughter's heritage scrapbook.
You can see how magnificent my mother was.
I purposely kept the layout fresh.
I did not want the aged look of ink and dyes.
I used a lace doily for the background.
A simple and inexpensive way to add character.

This next layout is one of my favorites.
I love that we are all dressed up looking quite fabulous.
The linen napkin in the background is from one of my fancy tablecloths.
It was a fun challenge to let my imagination inspire me to ink, stamp and use rubons.

Now you can go ahead and read my Favorite Blog Monday here.
Make sure you have enough time.
You will want to read every word.


Fashion-isha said...

I always love reading your blogs, they're so meaningful!

Stacy Cohen said...

These are beautiful!! I love what you did with the cloth napkin.