Monday, July 30, 2012

Favorite Blog Monday

I have to tell you all about my friend Louise Nelsen.
I am a huuuuuge fan of hers, are as many others.
She has been entertaining my creative spirit since I discovered her work.
Occasionally I send her an e-mail gushing about her uniqueness.
I always leave a comment on her posts because I need to say something other than wow!
The point here is, the other day I wrote her an e-mail explaining  (complaining!) that
as much as I am dieing to buy the new Australian scrapbooking magazine
(she is a part of their team)
it's a lot more expensive here in the states.
And much to my surprise

I am beyond touched that a woman across the world,
would not only send me 3 complimentary magazines,
but pay $24.00 for postage too!
Is that goodness in it's purest form or what?
The Australians are quite a sophisticated group of scrapbookers.
I have alot to learn from them.
As a beginner I made this next layout.

When you check out my buddy Lousie go through as many posts as you can.
She manages to say alot with only a few words on each layout.
Her scrapbooking is a combination of an artist and a memory maker.
She keeps it fresh.
She never copies anyone's style.
She is her own person
with her own unique perspective.


Henya said...

Beautiful work and many thanks for introducing me to one more interesting blog.

Sandsdal said...

How lucky you are. And brave that you wrote her, sometimes we just have to take action in our lifes - because we get so much back.
I can se on the pictures - its very very nice.
I wish ayou lovely day!

Rina T said...

You dont look a day older. Beautiful!!!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

That is sooo cool!!!! :D

Louise said...

I don't know what to say! I am humbled by your generosity with feedback and comments!
I love your emails and comments more than you will ever know!!
Quite simply ....Thank you!!
And I think it is a case of my learning a lot from you!

Louise :) xox

Louise said...

PS LOL Australian postage costs are shocking aren't they :) but its nothing compared to what you have given to me :)

PPS don't stop your beautiful misting! :)