Monday, August 20, 2012

Favorite Blog Monday

Today I choose for you a blog that inspires me for several reasons.
The main theme running through is beauty...
This lady has many talents and is very popular in the blogging community.
Probably one of the most 'saved' under favorite blogs.
Knitting, embroidery, quilting, cooking and more...
Beautiful photographs.
I've been following her for a few years  now.
I think you might too!
Check it out: Posie Gets Cozy

I finished my first sweater.
2 more to go.

Yesterday I decided to try an idea I saw HERE
Many times I pin DIY ideas on Pintrest..
But how many of them do I actually do?
This time I decided to put myself to the 'test'.
Walgreens had these T-shirts for $2.99.
I already had tons of permanent markers.
So I was more than ready.

The one thing I will add to this project is:
After your design dries, you drop a second drop of alcohol to achieve a flower design.
It spreads the ink further apart.
I loved doing this project.
It was easy enough for a kid
And challenging enough for me.
Any one of you ever do this project?
I would love to see your results.

This is how I feel today:
“I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.” 
-Oscar Wilde


Mom said...

Hi Faygie,
Following you from EY. Love the shirt!

Faygie Fellig said...

miss you here!

Leah Weintraub said...

Hi Faygie, my daughter wants to do this on a T-shirt, can you please send us the link for the directions, "how-to", thanks a lot!

Debbie said...

So much creativity, Faygie! That sweater is amazing and I love what you did with the alcohol painting!

pinkalicious said...

that t shirt is amazing!! ill take one in xs please!! your talent and creativity amazes! just when i think i have seen it all you surprise me again!!!! amazing, simply amazing!!

Faygie Fellig said...

The link is in the post. Right in the beginning click on HERE.

Nici said...

OH my gosh, the sweater looks so cute!

Anonymous said...

Wow....!!! Awesome!!

Louise said...

Now this is fabulous!!! :)