Thursday, August 30, 2012

Moments of wonder. See them and remember...

'They' tell me summer is over.
I see lights flashing in school zones
so I'm pretty sure it's true.
How would I know what to anticipate
when the weather never  barely changes here in sunny Florida!
Which is fine by me.
The sunny part, I mean.
The HOT part, I could do with less of.
I am a big 'shvitzer'.
I turn the AC down, my husband turns it up.
Which brings me to my topic in scrap booking today.
I looked at these pictures of my grandchildren in NY and thought
this is what sums up childhood.
The freedom to run through sprinklers.
And that is what I miss about being a child.
Running through sprinklers in a bathing suit!

I have these card stock doilies that were perfect for twine wrapping.
I love twine and this gave me an opportunity to use it.
Here is another layout from a couple of years ago.
How much fun is it to stand under a water fountain!

I used clear embossing powder on the layout's elements to mimic water.

“Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.”
George R.R. Martin,


Kerryn said...

I think every kid should play under a sprinkler a least once. So much fun. Your pages are fabulous.

Fashion-isha said...

The doilies are great and the water effect even better. I love your creativity!

Leonie said...

Hi, these are great. Love those carefree fun photos in the first layout. What you did with the twine looks cool!