Monday, August 27, 2012

Favorite Blog Monday

Today I will introduce to you
a blog that will increase your scrapbooking talents.
This lady does fantastic work.
Her design is always balanced.
Her choice of colors, fresh and clean.
The best part for me:
she posts little tutorials along the way that improve your craft skills.
Her layouts are doable and interesting at the same time.
She is also a skilled photographer,
which makes her layouts even more wonderful.
Hopefully you will take some time to read her posts.
You will find little treasures along the way.
Techniques that look deceivingly complicated.
Explained in a clear pictorial.
So here you are....

This week I did a little more Sharpie magic.
It might not be wearable, unless you're 12.
But I think it's fun nonetheless!

Here is another layout using a Sharpie.
Script a word in pencil first on white card stock.
Practice on regular paper first.
Here I filled the word with beads
mimicking the heart which I took off a card.
I added a border and Voila!
(White background card stock always works best)

This is how I feel today...

Have a nice day!